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episode 212: Alcyr Araujo of Mosyle

Alcyr Araujo of Mosyle joins the Macadmins Podcast to talk about how the past year of remote work went and the amazing results - upgrades to Mosyle Business, FUSE, all the security and identity and the Mac in the enterprise in general! Guest: Alcyr...


 2021-04-19  1h21m

episode 211: Round It Up

Hosts: Tom Bridge - Charles Edge - Marcus Ransom - Emily Kausalik-Whittle  - Links: Sponsors: If you're interested in sponsoring the Mac Admins Podcast, please email for more information. Get the latest about the Mac Admins...


 2021-04-12  1h20m

episode 210: Arek and Adam Special Feelings Share Time!

Arek Dreyer and Adam Karneboge join the podcast to talk the latest and greatest edition of the Peachpit’s “macOS Support Essentials 11 - Apple Pro Training Series: Supporting and Troubleshooting macOS Big Sur” - what went in, what got cut, how...


 2021-04-05  1h11m

episode 209: The Secret Life of Chuck Goolsbee

Apple released the Apple Network Server in 1996. Nearly a decade after having thrown down the gauntlet with IBM in the personal computer ads, such as the now infamous 1984 ad, Apple and IBM were nice and cozy and Apple had taken a number of lumps in...


 2021-03-29  1h47m

episode 208: The Best Workplace in Boston!

Han Su Kim talks how IT managers are planning for the rest of 2021 and what makes a workplace the best in Boston! We get a little technical, talk budgets, and, well, what tools would make the next best place to work in Boston!


 2021-03-22  1h25m

episode 207: Security Research and the Apple Ecosystem

The macOS security architecture continues to evolve. We have new boot modes, fallback recovery operating systems, sealed key protection for Filevault, revive. The new security documentation is a solid read. So we’re curious, what does a security...


 2021-03-15  1h25m

episode 206: What are you doing with your COVID time? Writing books I see!

COVID has a lot of us sitting at home twiddling our thumbs. But some have chosen to do a bit more than that. In this episode we’ll have Armin Briegel back on to discuss his latest book on the command line!


 2021-03-08  1h1m

episode 205: The Technology Drivers Test

It’s been about a year since most workers and students started getting sent home from organizations to slow the spread of COVID. Some environments were well positioned and others needed a much larger lift. Actually, it seems like a lot of things...


 2021-03-01  1h23m

episode 204: School Life

John Wetter joins the pod to talk through moving from the technical side to doing more and more with policies, budgeting, and governance. These lessons in schools aren’t as far off the lessons in enterprise companies as you might think!


 2021-02-22  1h5m

episode 203: Alectrona Patch

Patch management is one of the most time consuming aspects of any admin. There have been a number of projects that have sought to make this easier for admins. Some of the earliest tools we used to admin devices such as Filewave’s File Sets were...


 2021-02-15  1h3m