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      episode 606: You've Been Played

      Apple memo warning leakers not to leak leaks promptly leaks. Also leaked: Gold iPhone X coming soon. HomePod sales pale behind Amazon Echo. Apple News gets premium. GreyKey iPhone unlocking boxes sweep through law enforcement - make your passcode longer. iMovie for iPhone X gets Metal. Fix your Apple Watch Series 2 swollen battery for free. No more drone videos of Apple Park.

      • Rene's Pick: Space Gray Magic Trackpad
      • Andy's Pick: Gestimer MacOS menubar...



      episode 605: Supersexy Swingin' Sounds

      Apple says a new Mac Pro is coming in 2019. Maybe with Apple-designed chips? Apple privacy vs Facebook. Google's head of AI defects to Apple to fix Siri. Apple tops in gender pay equality. Azomov's Foundation coming to Apple TV. Product(RED) iPhone 8 out today, but no iPhone X. Fortnight is making $2 million/day on iOS.

      • Jim's Pick: Past Present Future by Rob Zombie
      • Andy's Pick: Cendrillon at the Met Opera
      • Lory's Pick: The Mother of Tears by Dario...



      episode 604: Intel Outside

      Apple plans to make its own Mac chips. MicroLED Apple Watch screens coming this year. New iPad review. Tim Cook vs Mark Zuckerberg in privacy battle.

      • Leo's Pick: Storyboarder by Wonder Unit
      • Alex's Pick: Cine Meter II
      • Andy's Pick: Noiseless CK
      • Rene's Pick: Pokemon Go Field Research

      Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and Rene Ritchie

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      episode 603: An Apple for the Teacher

      All the announcements from Apple's big education-focused event. New inexpensive iPad that works with Apple Pencil. Cheaper stylus called Crayon. New software tools for students, teachers, authors, and creators. Also, recent happenings in Facebook, the US government, and China make us question how much our privacy is under attack.

      • Tonya's Pick: Take Control of Home Automation
      • Alex's Pick: Elgato Stream Deck
      • Andy's Pick: Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+
      • Leo's...



      episode 602: I'm the Cob Baron

      March 27th event may focus on education, new Pencil, new iPads, new Macbook Airs. Apple developing its own MicroLED screens. GreyKey iPhone Unlocker available at a police station near you. Apple increases self-driving car tests and Uber pulls back after accident. iPhone X has a two-year 3D sensing lead. Delete your Facebook account.

      • Alex's Pick: Blackmagic Ultimatte 12
      • Rene's Pick: Ferrite
      • Andy's Pick: 1-800-GOT-JUNK

      Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy...


       2018-03-20  1h54m

      episode 601: Built-in Butter Well

      Apple Buys Texture - will they shut it down and fold it into Apple News? WWDC will be back in San Jose in June. Eddy Cue talks about Apple's TV plans and more at SXSW. How soon will Apple be worth a trillion dollars? AirPwer wireless charging mat will finally launch this month. Bob's Burger creator will make an animated musical show for Apple TV. If you like cool old Apple hardware, you need to check out this guy's Ebay auction.

      Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay,...


       2018-03-13  1h58m

      episode 600: A Notch Above

      Rumors abound! New MacBook Air? Mac Mini? Two-screen iPads? Mac Pro? Giant AirPods? Who knows what the future will bring. Apple Park is a hazard to workers. Goodbye, iTunes LPs. Hello, M. Night Shyamalan. Notches, notches everywhere at MWC. Decoy Apple Bus lures shooters.

      • Alex's Picks: CardFlow and Concepts
      • Andy's Tip: fixing TouchID inaccuracy
      • Rene's Pick: Satechi Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro
      • Leo's Pick: Script Debugger 7"

      Hosts: Leo...


       2018-03-07  1h51m

      episode 599: Fruit Phone X

      Apple rumored to release 3 new iPhones this year: one big, one cheap, and all three gold. Updated AirPods will be waterproof, have hands-free Siri. Apple launches AC Wellness medical plan for employees. Chinese government takes the keys to iCloud accounts in China. Google cloud takes American iCloud accounts. US government can unlock iPhones using iOS 11. Marzipan may bridge the gap between iOS and macOS. Apple trademarks Apple TV logo for gaming. Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: iPhone...


       2018-02-27  1h39m

      episode 598: Drone Down at Apple Park

      Apple updates iOS to patch the Telugu letter texting bug, expectations for WWDC 2018 including a possible iPhone SE 2, Apple files new trademark application for the classic rainbow colored logo, why the iPhone X notch design isn't as bad as we originally thought, how the emergency SOS feature of the iPhone and Apple Watch saved lives, 157 new emojis in 2018, Spotify may be working on a speaker to compete with HomePod, ScooterX's photos from the new Apple Park campus, the drone that...


       2018-02-21  2h1m

      episode 597: Feel the Burn

      HomePod reviews range from humdrum to rapturous. Why you shouldn't try to remove the HomePod's cord, and other teardown results. iPhone's iboot source code leaked by an intern. MacBooks leap to 4th most popular laptop in the world. Detailed analysis of Apple's efforts in the video market. TLDR: they need to make good shows. No more unlocked iPhodes at Verizon. FloridaMan's AirPods go up in smoke.

      • Andy's Pick: Blue Satellite headphones
      • Rene's Pick:...


       2018-02-14  1h30m