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Once a month we present our favorite tracks we've found in the netlabel / netaudio world the weeks before. Every title is available for free on the net and mostly Creative Commons licensed. Check out the shownotes for more information & individual links to the net releases & a download link for every track.

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Aqual(o)unge 19

19th volume of the mix series with underwater music



Aqual(o)unge 18

As announced a late last entry: the 18th edition of my underwater music series: 00:00 – 04:01 GODWINSON – janus words [Gabe Gabe Tapes] 03:33 – 05:57 GALA – kelpe forest explaration [Chippanze CP089] 05:12 – 09:35 AKORA – restart 08:30 – 12:24 DSUM – h...


 2021-05-24  1h0m

Podcast February 2021

This is the end of our little show after 15 years (started in November 2005). Some statistics: with this last episode we’ve played 2,610 tracks from 74 countries in 135 episodes and produced 160 hours in total introducing music we really really liked a...


 2021-02-07  48m

Machtdose Podcast November 2020

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post] Short but short. Stay safe. Guns’n Gänseblümchen – Waiting Song kinoue64 – 暗い Dave Heumann – Whose Streets GULL – Mouth to Math edgardo moreno – Z undressing Pretty Crimes – Petals ATSEA...


 2020-11-28  50m

Machtdose Podcast October 2020

[Download link of the podcast episode is at the end of this post] After a while another regular episode. Toylettes – Bernd das Schwein Ainara LeGardon – No end [Aloud Music] Mild Wild – Alright Okay Istari Lasterfahrer – La atterissage [marasm] Kelebek...


 2020-10-04  1h12m

Podcast July 2020: deep in the bleep space

00:00-06:02 IKOYCE – weather-worn [Naviar Haiku] 04:52-08:29 BUS ERROR – roger houston (challenger mix) 07:48-11:36 ASTRAL ENGENEERING – l’autonomne 10:58-14:06 R S V – double-slit experiment [enough records enrmp433] 13:48-19:17 DTIME – it started wit...


 2020-07-15  58m

Podcast May 2020

What keeps me sane these times: music. So, hope this will help too. Dominic RaLapin – 5 pointse – I Guess It Depends Joseph Hewer – Central Business District why do you punish me? Heart Eyes – The beautific body Blear Moon – Further Discovery Hani Koi ...


 2020-05-01  59m

Aqual(o)unge 17

This mix was made possible by a virus. Ideally used in home office. 00:00 – 01:56 MEYDÄN – insignifiant 01:38 – 03:11 FENNEC – rest 02:59 – 06:44 BUNTARO TORIYAMA – against [Energostatic stasis040] 06:04 – 08:15 GEISA – fracture pt.


 2020-03-23  1h0m

Podcast March 2020

I’m sick (flu) therefore I’ve found the time for a new episode… Probably we will have only 3 or for this year… Sam Thompson – Some Things Cosmic Salóme Katrín – The End (Demo) [post-dreifing] Pretty Crimes – Hydrangeas Winona Dryver – The Perks of Bein...


 2020-03-07  1h0m

Podcast December 2019

Right before christmas something you can take for that time of the year. aitänna77 – Bossa Nino Augustine – Candela [APOCALIPSIS] Salt Cathedral – Holy Soul[APOCALIPSIS] qewtii – osgoode dr SERPIENTE – EGUZKI HORIA Frio – Collene Pierce Murphy – Icebox...


 2019-12-22  1h6m