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Help Support (#1312)

Starting today, will become a community-supported website using Patreon.


 2017-01-12  n/a

Add Emergency Contact Info To Your iPhone (#1311)

In a medical emergency it is important for medical professionals to know as much about you as they can.


 2017-01-11  n/a

Combine Shapes in Apple Apps (#1310)

You can create new shapes by using a set of four commands in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


 2017-01-10  n/a

Easy Access To Frequently Used Files (#1309)

If you have a file you need to access quickly and easy every day, you may be tempted to put it on the Desktop.


 2017-01-09  n/a

Understanding Login Items (#1308)

Login Items allows you to set applications to start automatically when you first log in to your Mac.


 2017-01-06  n/a

Removing Unwanted Email Addresses in Mac Mail (#1307)

When you type and email address in Mail, you will get some suggestions that include your Contacts and also a list of previous recipients.


 2017-01-05  n/a

Safari Split View on the iPad (#1306)

Split View on the iPad lets you show two apps side-by-side.


 2017-01-04  n/a

Save, Rename and Move Files With the Title Bar (#1305)

You can save, rename and move files using the title bar while the file is open and you are working on it.


 2017-01-03  n/a

Randomly Shuffle Rows In Numbers (#1304)

You can sort rows in Numbers using a trick with the rand function.


 2017-01-02  n/a

Schedule Text Messages With Automator (#1303)

You can use Automator with a bit of AppleScript to schedule a text message through iMessage or SMS.


 2016-12-30  n/a