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Using the Keynote Canvas Workspace (#1440)

The new version of Keynote allows for expanded use of the canvas workspace, the area outside of the visible slide.


 2017-07-11  n/a

Using the iTunes and Music App Equalizers (#1439)

In iTunes on your Mac you have a powerful equalizer that you can customize for music playback.


 2017-07-10  n/a

A Beginner's Guide to Mac Spotlight (#1438)

Users who are new to Mac often don't know about Spotlight, or think it is just a way to search for files by name.


 2017-07-07  n/a

Eliminating Or Merging Duplicate Rows In Numbers (#1437)

If you have a large table with some duplicate rows in a spreadsheet, you can find them by sorting and using a formula to identify duplicate rows.


 2017-07-06  n/a

Storing Local Documents When Using iCloud Drive (#1436)

If you are using iCloud Drive Documents & Desktop, then all of the files you put in those folders are uploaded to iCloud.


 2017-07-05  n/a

Managing Menu Bar Icons (#1435)

The menu bar icons on the right side of your screen are added there by System Preferences, system extensions and apps.


 2017-07-04  n/a

What Are Those Symbols On the Back of Your Apple Device? (#1434)

If you look on the back of your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you will see some tiny text and some symbols.


 2017-07-03  n/a

A Beginner's Guide to the Mac Menu Bar (#1433)

The way you access most commands in apps on your Mac is to use the Menu Bar.


 2017-06-30  n/a

Connecting Bluetooth Devices to Your Mac (#1432)

You can connect a variety of standard wireless Bluetooth devices to your Mac, like headphones, speaker systems, keyboards, mice and trackpads.


 2017-06-29  n/a

Five Ways To Rename Files On a Mac (#1431)

You can rename a file many different ways on a Mac.


 2017-06-28  n/a