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Showing Word Processing Invisibles (#1161)

Pages, Word and some other apps allow you to see what would otherwise be invisible characters like spaces, tabs and paragraph breaks.


 2015-12-23  n/a

Using CC and BCC When Composing Email (#1160)

In addition to sending email \'to\' someone, you can also include additional email addresses in the CD and BCC fields.


 2015-12-21  n/a

Adding Custom Menu Keyboard Shortcuts (#1159)

If a menu item in an app doesn't have a keyboard shortcut, you can always add one through System Preferences.


 2015-12-16  n/a

Creating Recurring Calendar Events (#1158)

You can create recurring calendar events on your Mac and the latest version of iOS.


 2015-12-14  n/a

Cropping Photos in the Photos App (#1157)

The Photos app makes it easy to crop your pictures.


 2015-12-09  n/a

Testing Your Broadband Speed (#1156)

You can use various websites and apps to test your home broadband speed.


 2015-12-07  n/a

Setting Time Limits On Your Mac (#1155)

Parents may want to set time limits for their kids to limit computer use, or force them to stop using their Mac when it gets too late.


 2015-12-02  n/a

Using iMovie Video Filters (#1154)

Video filters adjust the coloring and add special effects to your video clips.


 2015-11-30  n/a

Buying a Refurbished Mac (#1153)

You can save some money when you buy your next Mac by buying a refurbished model.


 2015-11-25  n/a

Using the Keynote Line Draw Effect (#1152)

A new effect in Keynote lets you animate a line being drawn on a slide.


 2015-11-23  n/a