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Undo Mistakes On Your iPhone or iPad (#1277)

iOS has an undo function that works in a wide variety of apps and situations.


 2016-11-22  n/a

Sort and Randomly Order Your iTunes Playlists (#1276)

You can set your playlists to a manual order or to follow a specific order like alphabetical.


 2016-11-21  n/a

Touch Bar First Look (#1275)

Take a look at the Touch Bar on the new Macbook Pro.


 2016-11-18  n/a

Find Your Parked Car With Your iPhone (#1274)

If you have your iPhone linked to your car using Bluetooth, then it will automatically remember where you parked.


 2016-11-17  n/a

Create a Slideshow With Keynote In Less Than 3 Minutes (#1273)

Building a photo slideshow in Keynote is very quick and easy.


 2016-11-16  n/a

Search For Preferences and Settings (#1272)

Both macOS and iOS allow you to search for system settings.


 2016-11-15  n/a

Count Items In Numbers (#1271)

You can count the number of times a text string appears in a Numbers spreadsheet column using the COUNTIF function.


 2016-11-14  n/a

Snap Windows To Screen Edges (#1270)

You can easily snap the sides and corners of windows to the edges of the screen.


 2016-11-11  n/a

Adjust iPhone Flashlight Brightness (#1269)

You can set your iPhone's flashlight brightness to low, medium or bright using 3D touch on a later model iPhone.


 2016-11-10  n/a

Understanding Thunderbolt 3 Ports (#1268)

The new ports on the MacBook Pros are billed as Thunderbolt 3, but it is better to think of them as USB-C.


 2016-11-09  n/a