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Setting iPhone Ringtones For Individual Contacts (#1178)

You can set default ringtones and text tones on your iPhone.


 2016-02-29  n/a

Generating Random Sample Data in Numbers (#1177)

If you are building a spreadsheet in Numbers it can be useful to have sample data to help construct your tables and get things right before you have real data to enter.


 2016-02-24  n/a

Sharing Photo Journals With Keynote (#1176)

You can use Keynote on your Mac to create photo journals by creatively arranging your photos on slides, then adding text and other design elements.


 2016-02-22  n/a

Creating Animated Video Overlays With Keynote (#1175)

You can use Keynote's animations and special effects in your video projects.


 2016-02-17  n/a

Mac Screen Sharing Through the Messages App (#1174)

You can help out a friend by showing them something on their Mac by taking over their screen.


 2016-02-15  n/a

Sharing Files Between Users On the Same Mac (#1172)

If you share a Mac between multiple people, each with their own user account, then you can easily share files between these accounts using the Public folder.


 2016-02-08  n/a

GarageBand Live Loops (#1171)

Live Loops is a new feature of GarageBand for iOS that makes it easy and fun to create music.


 2016-02-03  n/a

Using Find and Replace In TextEdit and Other Apps (#1170)

Find and replace is useful tool for writers, editors and anyone who works with large word processing documents.


 2016-02-01  n/a

Clipboard History Managers (#1169)

Perhaps one of the most useful things you can add to your app is a clipboard history manager.


 2016-01-27  n/a

Music Memos (#1168)

Apple released a new free app for iPhone and iPad this week that allows music creators to easily capture new ideas.


 2016-01-25  n/a