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episode 19252: MacVoices #19252: Ted Landau on Home Theater Building and The State of the Mac

Ted Landau has been busy researching, shopping for, installing, and using the home theater system of his dreams. Now that the dust has settled, Ted talks us through the process, from big box store experiences to...


 December 6, 2019  1h3m

episode 19253: MacVoices #19253: MacVoices Gift Guide #7

Our latest holiday Gift Guide show features a broad variety of picks from the panel of Bart BusschotsCharles Edge, and host Chuck Joiner....


 December 9, 2019  54m

episode 19254: MacVoices #19254: Kirstie Tostevin of FXhome On New Upgrades to HitFilm and Imerge

Kirstie Tostevin of FXhome is back to provide some updates on two of their products.


 December 11, 2019  27m

episode 19255: MacVoices #19255: Dennis Sellers Shares His MacBook Pro 16-Inch Experiences

Dennis Sellers has been working with the new MacBook Pro 16-inch laptop, and joins us to share his experiences and impressions of the latest Mac’s power, keyboard, and screen. Find out how Dennis uses this...


 December 11, 2019  46m

episode 19256: MacVoices #19256: MacVoices Gift Guide #8

In our final holiday gift guide show for 2019, we catch up with the folks who couldn’t make other recording times, so we adapted the format for them. Audio, security, productivity, and some off-the-wall selections were made by the panel...


 December 20, 2019  1h14m

episode 19257: MacVoices #19257: Charles Edge On His 'History of Computing' Podcast

Charles Edge has a new project that will resonate with anyone who has ever touched a computer. The History...


 December 23, 2019  39m

episode 19258: MacVoices #19258: Rosemary Orchard Takes Control of Shortcuts

Rosemary Orchard has released her very first Take Control book, Take Control of Shortcuts, just in time to...


 December 26, 2019  28m

episode 19259: MacVoices #19259: Update 2019-12

In the last Update for 2019, and for the decade, Chuck talks about using the holiday gift guides, the RSS feed transitions, and provides the Support Report for the month.

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 December 30, 2019  7m

episode 19260: MacVoices #19260: Briefing - The Dazzne Bi-Color LED Video Light Stand Lighting Kit

Chuck provides a Briefing and demo of the Dazzne Bi-Color LED Video Light Stand Lighting Kit, the LED light panels that he uses...


 January 1, 2020  6m