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episode 21239: MacVoices #21239: MacVoices Live! - More Log4Shell, Apple Approaching $1 Trillion, Elon Musk (3)

The MacVoices Live! panel of Frank PetrieDavid GinsburgGuy SerleJeff GametJim...


 December 17, 2021  34m

episode 21240: MacVoices #21240: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #6

Josh Centers weighs in with a different kind of Gift Guide pick, sharing some of his personal tips and tricks for acquiring the much-sought-after PlayStation 5 and Xbox gaming consoles. Find out what Twitter...


 December 21, 2021  30m

episode 21241: MacVoices #21241: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #7 (1)

Our seventh and final MacVoices Holiday Gift Gide for 2021 kicks off with the virtual panel of Rosemary OrchardFrank PetrieBart...


 December 21, 2021  49m

episode 21242: MacVoices #21242: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #7 (2)

The second part of our 7th and final MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide for 2021 features the final picks from Rosemary OrchardFrank PetrieBart...


 December 22, 2021  1h5m

episode 21243: MacVoices #21243: MacVoices Live! - Holiday Party - Donuts, Digital Drivers Licenses, Tracking (1)

As the holidays close in, the MacVoices Live! crew got together for an online holiday party. David GinsburgFrank PetrieJeff...


 December 23, 2021  34m

episode 21244: MacVoices #21244: MacVoices Live! - Holiday Party - Privacy, Security, AI, and Compromises (2)

The MacVoices Live! Holiday Party continues as David GinsburgFrank PetrieJeff GametKelly Guimont...


 December 27, 2021  33m

episode 21245: MacVoices #21245: MacVoices Live! - Holiday Party - Holiday Tech Support Strategies; Holiday Traditions (3)

Our MacVoices Live! Holiday Party wraps with the panel of David GinsburgFrank PetrieJeff GametKelly...


 December 28, 2021  35m

episode 21246: MacVoices #21246: MacVoices Update - 2021-12

In the final Update for 2021, Chuck talks about his decision not to attend CES in person, and how that will affect this year’s CES coverage. Then, he expresses his appreciation to everyone associated with MacVoices in any fashion and...


 December 29, 2021  12m