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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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MacVoices #15171: Jason Wudi on How JAMF's Casper Suite Is Ready for iOS 9

Jason Wudi, Chief Technology Officer for JAMF Software talks about how their Casper Suite is ready on Day 1 of iOS 9 availability to help IT professionals deploy apps and protect corporate assets in an enterprise or large educational institution setting.


 2015-09-16  30m

MacVoices #15170: Rindle Gives Us A Look Behind The Scenes at Software Development

The co-founders of Rindle, a soon-to-be project management application, give us a look behind the scenes at the early stage of app development. CEO Brian Faust and Tom Planer, the CTO talk about how they are building the software that they want to use.


 2015-09-15  49m

MacVoices #15169: Securing and Fixing Hacked WordPress Sites with Erik Bernskiold

Erik Bernskiold has a new service and site that you need to bookmark if you are a WordPress user. is where you want to to learn more about securing your site, and where to go when you need help if your site is hacked.


 2015-09-12  41m

MacVoices #15168: Analysis of the Apple Announcements with Jim Tanous of TekRevue

Jim Tanous of TekRevue joins host Chuck Joiner to discuss the September 9 Apple Event that saw the new iteration of the Apple TV, the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


 2015-09-10  1h16m

MacVoices #15167: The MacJury Discuss Home Automation, Expectations, Wants and Costs

The MacJury takes a look at the state of home automation and the Internet of Things, discussing what they have, what they want and why. Siri, Amazon Echo and other devices are included as the panel of Shelly Brisbin, Bret Terpstra and host Chuck Joiner…


 2015-09-05  1h4m

MacVoices #15166: Allison Sheridan Talks About Her Power Tools

Allison Sheridan always has a lot to say, so it was tough to pin her down to describe what she considers some of her most important, frequently used apps. With the rules firmly in place, we had a great conversation about what she uses…


 2015-08-28  55m

MacVoices #15165: The MacJury Examines The Value of the Mac and OS X

The MacJury convenes a special session to examine the value of the Mac, OS X, and why there is more to buying and evaluating your computer platform and purchases than cost. Security, stability and privacy are all in play, along with included software…


 2015-08-27  1h1m

MacVoices #15164: Dan Berube and Michael Horton Profile The Amsterdam SuperMeet

SuperMeet organizers Dan Berube and Michael Horton are back to tell us about the upcoming Amsterdam SuperMeet with appearances by Black Magic Design, Adobe, the always-amazing raffle and ver 7special guest speaker Walter Murch,


 2015-08-26  48m

MacVoices# 15163: Adam and Tonya Engst Discuss The New Take Control Books Web Site

Take Control Books has a brand new web site that was three years in the making. Adam Engst and Tonya Engst give us a look under the hood and behind the scenes at what it takes to develop a site that is not only attractive, but delivers functionality…


 2015-08-21  1h5m

MacVoices #15162: Kirk McElhearn Takes Control of Audio Hijack

Kirk McElhearn is the author of the brand new Take Control of Audio Hijack, and joins us to talk about the capabilities of Rogue Amoeba’s versatile audio recording and processing utility.


 2015-08-20  45m