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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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MacVoices #15191: Briefing - MacVoices' 10th Anniversary

In a short but sweet acknowledgment of MacVoices’ 10th anniversary, host Chuck Joiner talks about the history and pre-history, of MacVoices, how and why it evolved from an earlier show, and extends some “thank you’s” to some very important people.


 2015-10-30  11m

MacVoices #15190 - Tonya Engst and Ted Landau on 10 Years of MacNotables and the Speed of Tech Changes

Tonya Engst and Ted Landau join the party for another MacNotables 10th anniversary panel to talk about how podcasting has affected them, the speed of changes in technology and the seemingly constant stream of software updates.


 2015-10-29  48m

MacVoices #15189: Adam Engst and Bob LeVitus on the Origins of MacNotables and OS X

Adam Engst and Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus join host Chuck Joiner for another celebration of MacNotables’ 10th anniversary. Adam and Bob reveal some truths to Chuck that even he didn’t know about how and why the panel came together and why they keep coming back


 2015-10-27  59m

MacVoices #15188: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Digital Photos On Your Mac Again

Jeff Carlson has updated Take Control of Your Digital Photos On A Mac to the second edition, making it current not only with Apple’s Photos app, but also with the many other pieces of software and online services that you might be considering.


 2015-10-26  54m

MacVoices #15187: Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus on El Capitan, Cool Stuff and His New Music Video

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus shares his thoughts on El Capitan, talks about some of his favorite new cool products, and his upcoming Mid-Atlantic MUG Tour. Bob also delivers the world premier of his the first version of his new music video…


 2015-10-23  1h4m

MacVoices #15186: Macphun's Kevin La Rue Demonstrates Creative Kit 2016's Photo Editing Power

Kevin La Rue of Machhun gives us an extensive look at the capabilities and power of their new Creative Kit 2016. Six different components to Creative Kit 2016 can be used as stand-alone applications or can be installed in Apple’s Photos, Photoshop…


 2015-10-20  1h16m

MacVoices #15185: Bryan Chaffin on Apple's 30% Cut of Music, Apps, Movies and Books

Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer and host Chuck Joiner take on the topic of Apple’s mandatory 30% cut of revenue from App Store and Music Store purchases, with a special focus on music.


 2015-10-19  59m

MacVoices #15184: The Launch My Apple Magazine with Steve Sande and Krystian Kozerawski

There’s a new Apple-oriented publication on the scene. Steve Sande of Apple World Today and Krystian Kozerawski of tell us what we can expect from the English-language My Apple magazine.


 2015-10-16  47m

MacVoices #15183: James Lee of Tropical Software Kickstarts TopXNotes 2

James Lee of Tropical Software has a new Kickstarter campaign that will help their team improve and upgrade their TopXNotes with new capabilities. Jim outlines what some of the new features are, talks about their security-minded approach to syncing…


 2015-10-09  48m

MacVoices #15182: Jackie Dove and Chuck Joiner Live with Connecticut Macintosh Connection

Jackie Dove of The Next Web and Chuck Joiner of MacVoices were the featured speakers at this month’s meeting with Connecticut Macintosh Connection (CTMac) discussing topics as varied as Apple Music, the iPhone 6S and its new camera’s capabilities…


 2015-10-07  1h8m