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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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episode 218: MacVoices #20218: Glenn Fleishman Takes Full Control of Zoom and Zoom Essentials (2)

Part 2 of our conversation with Glenn Fleishman, author of Take Control of Zoom Essentials and Take Control of Zoom, focuses on some applications and services that can improve how you look on Zoom, as well as provide you more flexibility in how you deliver your presentation over the video conferencing service. This edition of MacVoices is supported by MacVoices Magazine, our free magazine on Flipboard. Do more with your Apple tech. http://MacVoices...



episode 217: MacVoices #20217: Glenn Fleishman Takes Full Control of Zoom and Zoom Essentials (1)

Glenn Fleishman has two new Take Control books to help you get more out of a popular video conferencing service. Take Control of Zoom Essentials is a free book and designed to get you up and running with the basics. If you want to take full advantage of all of Zoom’s capabilities, then Take Control of Zoom is for you...



episode 216: MacVoices #20216: Khoi Vinh on How Bumpr Lets You Choose Where You Open Links

If you use multiple email clients or need to open certain links in a specific web browser, then Bumpr is for you. Khoi Vinh explains how Bumpr was born out of a need that he and his co-creator Scott Ostler had. You might have that same need as you work from home if your employer mandates something other than what you use. Khoi reviews how it works, why it does not present any security risks, and why you may forget that you are using it...


 2020-09-18  19m

episode 215: MacVoices #20215: MacVoices Live! on Apple's "Time Flies" Event (2)

The second part of our MacVoices Live! session on Apple’s “Time Flies” event with the panel of Dr. Robert Carter, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, and Brittany Smith focused on the 8th Generation iPad and the iPad Air and the AppleOne subscription services bundles. Both topics center around value, who the audience is for each, and how to go about evaluating what best suits your needs and wants...


 2020-09-17  41m

episode 214: MacVoices #20214: MacVoices Live! on Apple's "Time Flies" Event (1)

MacVoices Live! took on the Apple “Time Flies” event just hours after it concluded with an all-star panel that included Dr. Robert Carter, Mark Fuccio, Jeff Gamet, David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, and Brittany Smith. The first part of the show discussed the presentation itself, and a hidden dimension that you probably don’t know about, then turned to the Apple Watch and Apple Fitness announcements. (Part 1 of 2)    MacVoices is supported by Fight Camp...


 2020-09-16  52m

episode 213: MacVoices #20213: MacVoices Live! with Mark Fuccio (2)

The second part of our MacVoices Live! discussion with featured guest Mark Fuccio and panel members Mark Fuccio, Mike LaPlante, Kelly Guimont, Brittany Smith, and host Chuck Joiner dug into the topic of how some podcasts are tracking you, and an upcoming release of Marco Arment’s Overcast that will reveal some of that information. Are you surprised that you are being tracked? Should you be surprised? See what the panel has to say, and how you can prevent it...


 2020-09-15  42m

episode 212: MacVoices #20212: MacVoices Live! with Mark Fuccio (1)

Apple’s September event, “Time Flies” is the source of endless speculation, and we indulge in it too with featured guest Mark Fuccio, Mike LaPlante, Kelly Guimont, and host Chuck Joiner. Some of the topics include Apple Watch, iPhone, whether 5G will really make a difference, and the reality, or lack thereof, of the “supercycle”. Fight Camp MacVoices is supported by Fight Camp. Look good and feel good with at-home connected boxing. Try it free for 30 days at


 2020-09-14  37m

episode 211: MacVoices #20211: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Big Sur (2)

The second part of our conversation with Joe Kissell about Take Control of Big Sur focuses on how to get the most out of the new version of macOS, from the more iOS-influenced look to the features that you won’t be able to access until you buy an Apple Silicon-based machine. Joe discusses some of the updated productivity features, why you don’t have to upgrade to Big Sur to enjoy the latest privacy protections in Safari, and why he is excited by the return of the startup chime...


 2020-09-11  27m

episode 210: MacVoices #20210: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Big Sur (1)

Joe Kissell helps you get up and running with Apple’s latest version of macOS in Take Control of Big Sur. In the first part of our conversation, Joe explains how this book combines what could have been two books, and covers getting ready for the upgrade, and the upgrade itself. Joe takes us through some things that you should be aware of before, during, and after the upgrade, including a potential limitation on being able to boot from a backup, and a caveat regarding Time Machine...


 2020-09-11  29m

episode 209: MacVoices #20209: MacVoices Live! with Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus (2)

Our MacVoices Live! conversation with featured guest Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus and panel members Dave Ginsburg, Brittany Smith, Frank Petrie, and Warren Sklar continues with more about Bob’s new book, GarageBand For Dummies, Second Edition. That part of the discussion includes comparisons of GarageBand and Logic Pro, who each is for, and learning curves...


 2020-09-09  35m