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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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MacVoices #15148: ShowStoppers - KwiltKeys Lets You Share Any Photo From Anywhere Via An iOS Keyboard

At ShowStoppers in San Francisco, Michel Coderre, VP of Business Development for Kwilt, gives us a look at the ease of photo sharing with their upcoming KwiltKeys. Share your photos stored anywhere with anyone.


 June 25, 2015  8m

MacVoices #15147: AltConf - Damon Wayans Discusses The Inspiration and Uses For His App, VHedz

At AltConf in San Francisco, comedian Damon Wayans talks about his new app, VHedz, that lets you put your own spin on still photos or videos and then share them on social media. Damon covers the inspiration for the idea…


 June 19, 2015  12m

MacVoices #15146: AltConf - Founders Rob Elkin and Judy Chen Talk About The Success of This Year's AltConf

At AltConf in San Francisco, the founders of the event, Rob Elkin and Judy Chen discuss the growth and success of AltConf, the controversy over streaming the Apple WWDC keynote, and how they attract attendees but don’t limit access.


 June 19, 2015  17m

MacVoices #15145: AltConf - Victor Agreda Jr. Talks About How Wireless Carriers Have Had To Evolve

At AltConf in San Francisco, we catch up with Victor Agreda Jr. who gives us some perspective on how the wireless carriers and telcos have had to adapt to the changing world of mobile and connected devices. Thanks to the iPhone, iPad and others…


 June 18, 2015  15m

MacVoices #15144: AltConf - Leander Kahney Talks About Changes In The Apple Community

At AltConf in San Francisco, Leander Kahney of Cult of Mac discusses what he liked in the WWDC keynote announcements, offers his thoughts on the changes in the Apple community in general and the developer community specifically, and hints at an update…


 June 18, 2015  10m

MacVoices #15143: AltConf - Pam Wheeler of Aclipsa On Their Video Platform for Developers

At AltConf in San Francisco, Pam Wheeler of Aclipsa talks about their very first AltConf/WWDC event experience and their platform that allows any developer to easily and affordably put hosted video content in their apps.


 June 18, 2015  11m

MacVoices #15142: AltConf - Max Seelemann and Friedrich Gräter Talk About The Writing App Ulysses

At AltConf in San Francisco, Max Seelemann and Friedrich Gräter of The Soulmen discuss their all-purpose writing application for the Mac, Ulysses, why it has been around so long, and how it is being used to write everything from novels to contracts…


 June 17, 2015  8m

MacVoices #15141: Alt Conf - Jacob Gorban of Apparent Software Talks Personal Finance and Cashculator

At AltConf in San Francisco, Jacob Gorban of Apparent Software discusses the variety of their apps, including a graphics utility, a file utility, and their personal finance application. With projections, not just tracking, Cashculator helps you…


 June 17, 2015  14m

MacVoices #15140: AltConf - Richard Hoffman of Ind13 Talks About Their Magazine for Game Developers

At AltConf in San Francisco, Richard Hoffman of Ind13, a magazine for game developers, discusses the origin of their publication, how it is growing, and some of they are trying to cover the gaming market from a different perspective.


 June 17, 2015  15m

MacVoices #15139: AltConf - Mike Lee Talks About The Importance of Diversity In The Developer Community

At AltConf in San Francisco, Mike Lee, the head of Safety and Diversity for the event, talks about the need for and importance of diversity in the Developer community and beyond.


 June 16, 2015  15m