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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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MacVoices #15084: ShowStoppers - G-Tech Profiles Their Rugged Storage Solutions

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, we get a G-Technology update from Greg Crosby on their newest rugged portable storage solution.


 April 21, 2015  4m

MacVoices #15083: ShowStoppers - QNAP Introduces a Thunderbolt-Equipped NAS Device

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, James Chang, the Business Development Manager for QNAP, shows us the latest in their line of NAS storage devices, this one equipped with Thunderbolt connectivity.


 April 20, 2015  4m

MacVoices #15082: ShowStoppers - 4SeTV Delivers A Four Way OTA Television Viewing Experience

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, 4SeTV shows off their Kickstarting solution to improve your over-the-air (OTA) television viewing experience that includes a four-way video wall that can display four different channels on your iPad or big-screen


 April 20, 2015  6m

MacVoices #15081: ShowStoppers - Rabble.TV Lets Call The Game The Way You See It

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas Ryan Tyrrell of Rabble.TV offers users “audio democracy” by allowing them to tune in to their favorite sports events (or any other kind of event, really), and share their commentary live with friends and other listeners.


 April 17, 2015  6m

MacVoices #15080: Dan Wood of Karelia Introduces Integrated Web Hosting for Sandvox

Dan Wood of Karelia demonstrates the newest update to their web design software, Sandvox, a WYSIWYG application that lets you build a web site without ever seeing the code, and Sandbox just got better, with integrated web hosting.


 April 8, 2015  37m

MacVoices #15079: David Sparks Delivers New Field Guides on OmniFocus and Workflow

David Sparks has published the latest editions to his Field Guide series, OminFocus Video Field Guide and Workflow Video Field Guide, but with a twist. These are video-only, giving extended length training on each application, showing what you can do…


 April 7, 2015  29m

MacVoices #15078: Rob Elkins On The 2015 Edition of AltConf, The Developers' Conference

Rob Elkins takes us through the details of this year’s AltConf that happens in parallel to WWDC. A new venue with three different stages and more speakers will make this year’s AltConf the biggest and best yet.


 April 3, 2015  27m

MacVoices #15077: Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Helps Us Celebrate with PartySnapper

Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software introduces us to their latest and greatest, PartySnapper, their “Social Photo Wall App That Will Wow Your Party Guests.” PartySnapper lets you and your friends take photos at your next get-together and share them…


 April 1, 2015  29m

MacVoices #15076: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Automating Your Mac Again

Joe Kissell is back with an update to Take Control of Automating Your Mac, bringing the book to v1.1, and providing more information on getting things done faster, easier, and automatically. Joe shares some examples and advice on how getting started…


 March 30, 2015  42m

MacVoices #15075: Focused on the New MacBook with Mark Fuccio

Mark Fuccio is looking forward to the release of Apple’s new MacBook, and explains why he thinks it is for him. From the remaining questions about the speed of the newest Mac to the choice of only one USB-C port, Mark reviews the MacBook feature set.


 March 27, 2015  52m