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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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episode 118: MacVoices #20118: Michael E. Cohen Explores Apple Interface Mysteries (Part 1)

The latest offering from Take Control Books is a bit unusual for them. Michael E. Cohen explains why he has wanted to write Apple Interface Mysteries for a long time, and why now was the right time. Rather than digging into perform different functions in macOS and iOS, Michael explores the “why” behind the way they work, and how they evolved into what we know as the modern version of this operating systems...


 April 18, 2020  34m

episode 119: MacVoices #20119: Michael E. Cohen Explores Apple Interface Mysteries (Part 2)

Michael E. Cohen digs deeper into some of the concepts in his new Take Control book, Apple Interface Mysteries in the second half of our conversation. Again, he draws on past experience to explain how some of the interface elements we all know came about, and why they aren’t always as intuitive as we would like. Be sure to watch past the end credits for some bonus material that might just give you a new perspective on interfaces and how to learn them...


 April 20, 2020  27m

episode 120: MacVoices #20120: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Apple Watch (Part 1)

Jeff Carlson just finished his latest effort, Take Control of Apple Watch for Take Control Books, a detailed examination of the capabilities of the current version of the hardware and software, with a nod to the future. In the first part of our discussion, Jeff covers the evolution of a Take Control Crash Course into a full-fledged 1...


 April 21, 2020  31m

episode 121: MacVoices #20121: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Apple Watch (Part 2)

We continue our discussion with Jeff Carlson, the author of Take Control of Apple Watch from Take Control Books, digging into the question of Apple Watch apps and the Watch App Store, as well as health-related apps and features. Enormous progress has been made in the latter as the Watch has evolved; Jeff reminds us of some of those features and why they are important, and talks about why we should all have an Apple Watch...


 April 22, 2020  29m

episode 122: MacVoices #20122: MacVoices Update - 2020-04

The April Update contains updates on the MacVoices web site, MacVoices Thinking, why no COVID-19 shows, and the Support Report. Then, Chuck digs deep on the how’s and why’s of recording MacVoices and why it has recently changed. [embed][/embed] Show Notes: Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices. You can catch up with what he’s doing on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn...


 April 24, 2020  17m

episode 123: MacVoices #20123: Jon Bach of Puget Systems On Custom PCs, the Mac Pro, and Their New Consulting Services

Jon Bach, the CEO of Puget Systems, is back to talk about how and why you might want to consider one of their custom-built PC boxes if you have video production needs. Jon explains why their service goes beyond just building the boxes to include some system software management, talks about what they found out when they bought a Mac Pro, and announces their new consulting service to help deliver their quality experience to those who don’t want a custom PC...


 April 25, 2020  32m

episode 124: MacVoices #20124: Bart Busschots Talks Programming By Stealth and Taming The Terminal

Bart Busschots talks about his two free online courses to help you get a little more geeky. In Taming the Terminal, Bart and Allison Sheridan help you get comfortable with working with the Unix underpinnings of macOS, and in Programming by Stealth they tackle introducing you to the world of coding in an approachable way. Bart explains why you don’t need to be afraid of either one, the role that Allison plays in each, and how you can take advantage of them...


 April 28, 2020  39m

episode 125: MacVoices #20115: Bart Busschots On Privacy, Security and Zoom.

The second part of our discussion with Bart Busschots covers the privacy and security issues surrounding Zoom, and the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. The question of whether the End User License Agreement provided adequate notice on these, and how Apple’s model that is an example that should be emulated is covered, along with the concept of risk vs. value when it comes to privacy...


 April 30, 2020  33m

episode 126: MacVoices #20126: Michael Cohen Takes Control of the Newest Version of PDFpen from Smile

Our discussion on the second edition of Take Control of PDFpen with author Michael E. Cohen starts with a little history of the file format, explains why this book is free, then turns to the newest features of the PDF-editing utility. Michael explains why PDFs can get so large and how PDFpen can cut down the size, discusses DocuSign support, the new call-out feature and more. Find out what’s inside a PDF and why that matters, and why you may already have access to PDFpen...


 April 30, 2020  32m

episode 127: MacVoices #20127: Gary Rebholz of Vegas Creative Software and Josh Davies of FXhome Profile Vegas Post

In spite of the fact that there was no NAB this year, there are still lots of stories in the video production world that need to be told. This time, Gary Rebholz of VEGAS Creative Software and Josh Davies of FXhome talk about their collaboration on VEGAS POST, a product that delivers powerful editing and effects.  Find how how and why they are competing with Adobe in the post-production market, the training available, and how this offering leverages knowledge gained from their other platforms...


 May 2, 2020  25m