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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.

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episode 188: MacVoices #20188: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Your Digital Storage Again (Part 2)

Our conversation with Jeff Carlson, the author oTake Control of Your Digital Storage, continues with a focus on whether or not you should consider a fusion drive, the benefits and drawbacks of those big, cheap hard drive, the rainbow color designations of various types of drives and more...



episode 189: MacVoices #20189: MacVoices Live! with Andrew Orr (1)

Andrew Orr of The Mac Observer was the featured guest on a recent MacVoices Live!, and joined David Ginsburg and host Chuck Joiner to discuss his recommendation fo the Jumbo Privacy + Security app, and why looking beyond the app’s capabilities to the company that makes it is so important. Andrew shares what email services he uses, and the group cover why free services or offers for things like VPNs are just not a good idea...



episode 190: MacVoices #20190: MacVoices Live! with Andrew Orr (2)

Our MacVoices Live! discussion with Andrew Orr of The Mac Observer and David Ginsburg shifts to the release of the new driver for ScanSnap scanners, hardware lifespan expectations, and how developers might get paid to continue supporting older, legacy hardware. We also touch on the announcement that CES is going virtual this year, and a few Apple TV+ and Netflix picks. This edition of MacVoices is supported by Linode, high performance cloud hosting and virtual servers for everyone...



episode 191: MacVoices #20191: Joe Kissell Takes Control of iCloud for the Seventh Time (1)

Joe Kissell has updated his Take Control of iCloud to the seventh edition, the first in Take Control history. Can iCloud finally replace Dropbox? Joe tells us why the answer is a definite “maybe”, depending on your needs. He goes through some of the considerations, and also why you may or may not want to store your desktop and Home folder in iCloud in this first part of our review of Apple’s online storage and file sharing service...



episode 192: MacVoices #20192: Joe Kissell Takes Control of iCloud for the Seventh Time (2)

In the second part of our discussion with Joe Kissell about the seventh edition of his Take Control of iCloud, Joe explains why  iCloud is the best, most reliable version of Apple’s file sharing and online storage service yet, how their simplification approach sometimes delivers the opposite and the issues that can create, and how he covers all of the Apple apps that use iCloud...