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Chuck Joiner talks with the most interesting and influential people in the Mac industry, as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Mac community.


episode 21353: MacVoices #22123: MacVoices Live! - WWDC Discussion (1)

Only hours after Tim Cook wrapped up the keynote address for WWDC 2022, on a special night, the MacVoices Panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Jeff Gamet, Warren Sklar, Frank Petrie, Mark Fuccio, Brittany Smith, and Kelly Guimont connected to discuss and debate the hardware and software announcements. From the new M2-equilpped Macs to the new Lock Screen coming in iOS 16, the most important aspects of everything were reviewed...


 June 9, 2022  54m