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An A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones Podcast hosted by the Moderators of /r/ASOIAF

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MM18 Best of 2018

It’s that time of year again! Join bookshelfstud, glass_table_girl, JoeMagician, Fat_Walda, and newcomer JonesTony710 as we tackle the absolute cream of the crop from /r/asoiaf in the year 2018!


 2019-02-20  n/a

MM17 Throw Deuces to Death

Isn’t the Eyrie just one big fire hydrant? Who would Heath Ledger portray in the ASOIAF universe? And who *did* write that song “Blinded By the Light?” Join JoeMagician, glass_table_girl, and Bookshelfstud as they answer these pressing q


 2019-01-18  n/a

MM16 A Buffet of Fire and Blood

Fire and blood and…lobsters? Join JoeMagician glass_table_girl, and MightyIsobel in a buffet-style tour of reddit discussions leading up to Fire and Blood!


 2018-11-18  n/a

MM15 Slashcast

Maester Monthly gets a little blue as we discuss Myranda and Sansa, Ned and Robert, and, well, all the Targaryens – join Isobel, Walda, and Michael in the slashcast!


 2018-10-25  n/a

MM14 Maz Duur Monthly

Maester Monthly takes on direwolves, dead maegi, and Delilah! Join Michael, Eliana, and Matt as they dish on the hottest posts and nicest catches from the last month.


 2018-10-04  n/a

QT12 Alysanne in the Membrane

GRRM has released a brand-new excerpt from the upcoming worldbook, Fire & Blood part 1! Is this a Jaehaerys chapter? An Alysanne chapter? ¿Porque no los dos? Join Michael (bookshelfstud), Eliana (glass table girl), Matt (JoeMagician) and Jeff (Brynden


 2018-09-29  n/a

MM13 We Can Swear Now

Maester Monthly is back from our summer vacation with an all-new look and format! Join Michael, Eliana, and Matt as they discuss their favorite posts from the last several months – everything from cannibalism to Stannis (okay, that’s a pretty


 2018-09-13  n/a

QT11 Age of Heroes Spinoff Announced

A rapid reaction Quill and Tankard around the news of HBO ordering a pilot for the spin-off from Game of Thrones. The Maesters gather in the Quill and tankard and talk the subject of this pilot, the Age of Heroes, writer of the pilot Jane Goldman, how thi


 2018-06-11  n/a

MM12 Proven & Debunked Theories

ASOIAF is no stranger to theories. Many are wrong, some are even more wrong. And then there are those… that… were actually right? Join Michael, Eliana, Matt, and Aaron as we take a trip down memory lane exploring the fate of A Song of Ice and


 2018-05-23  n/a

MM11 Resurrection

We’ve talked about it for nearly a year now, and at last it’s here: the big resurrection episode! Join Michael (/u/Bookshelfstud), Eliana (/u/glass_table_girl), Matt (/u/joemagician), Aaron (/u/admiralkird), Jeff (/u/BryndenBFish), /u/fat_wald


 2018-04-12  n/a