Maester Monthly - A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones

An A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones Podcast hosted by the Moderators of /r/ASOIAF


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MM2 The Citadel

Maester Monthly, your favorite (pseudo)monthly podcast, is back! Last month we kicked off a new podcast hosted by us, the moderators of /r/asoiaf. Maester Monthly is our space to talk about our favorite recent highlights from the subreddit, as well as doi


 2017-03-16  n/a

MM1.X Book of Swords, Rogue Prince, & Outtakes

Discussion from January about the Book of Swords, the best educational discussion of Targaryens on the planet, and outtakes!,%20Rogue%20Prince,%2


 2017-02-10  n/a

MM1 Best of 2016

Hello! As the recent Best Ofs have demonstrated, this subreddit somehow continues to churn out high-quality posts and discussions. We moderators are always bowled over by these posts, and wanted to provide people with a curated highlights reel of our pers


 2017-02-06  n/a