Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Explore the many themes and features of Eberron as a tabletop role-playing game setting. In each episode, the hosts choose a topic and discuss how GMs and players can use the setting's lore in their campaigns.

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episode 27: The Demon Wastes

Keith, Wayne and Imogen venture beyond the Shadowcrags to explore the ancient and terrible Demon Wastes.


 2020-08-20  1h3m

episode 26: Exploring Eberron

Keith, Wayne and Imogen are joined by special guest Laura Hirsbrunner to discuss the content and process of Keith's newest Eberron hardcover: Exploring Eberron.


 2020-07-30  1h26m

episode 25: The Eldeen Reaches

Keith, Wayne, Kristian, and their new co-host, Imogen Gingell venture into the wilds of the Eldeen Reaches.


 2020-06-30  56m

episode 24: Dwarves of the Mror Holds

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian delve deep into the Mror Holds to dig into the dwarves.


 2020-06-04  1h1m

episode 23: Khoravar/Half-elves

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian explore the culture and identity of Eberron's half-elves.


 2020-04-21  1h1m

episode 22: The Treaty of Thronehold

Keith and Kristian examine the Treaty of Thronehold, how it has shaped the continent of Khorvaire, and what effects it can have in your campaign.


 2020-02-21  58m

episode 21: Orcs and Half-orcs

Keith and Kristian venture to the outer regions of Khorvaire to study the various cultures of orcs and half-orcs.


 2020-01-20  55m

Eberron: Rising from the Last War

Keith, Wayne, and Kristian talk about all of the exciting content and accessories to be released for Eberron and explore Eberron: Rising from the Last War.


 2019-11-15  1h15m

episode 20: Goblinoids

Keith and Kristian are joined by Don Bassingthwaite, author of The Dragon Below and Legacy of Dhakaan trilogies of Eberron novels, to study the culture and history of the Dar.


 2019-10-10  59m

Dragon Con 2019 – Panel Topics

Keith and Kristian catch up at Dragon Con to discuss Keith's panels.


 2019-09-07  55m