Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Explore the many themes and features of Eberron as a tabletop role-playing game setting. In each episode, the hosts choose a topic and discuss how GMs and players can use the setting's lore in their campaigns.

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episode 4: 04 – Religion

Keith, Kristian, and Wayne discuss religion in the world of Eberron.


 2017-06-28  1h9m

Dragonmark Sizes – Keith

Graham asks, "I know you mentioned that a Siberys mark would cover the whole body, but how are are the other types of marks supposed to be?" Keith argues the complexity of the mark vs. the size.


 2017-06-09  3m

Espionage in Eberron – Scott

From David Mitchell: "Hi guys just wanted to ask a question about how you guys see and use the rivalry between house phiarlan specialising in intelligence with the investigators of house Medani and how they compete with the kings lanterns the zilargo t...


 2017-06-04  17m

Enemies of the Dragonmarked Houses – Wayne

Billy Rigby asks, "Dragonmark Houses are powerful, the 12 have a foothold on Khorvaire but who is against them? Who's the enemy of the 12? It seems like they have no overall threat against them other than each other and other businesses.


 2017-05-30  4m

Conflict with Aberrant Marked – Keith

Gabriel Krotkov asks, "Keith mentioned that the standard houses began the War of the Mark partially to suppress the "source of power" coming from aberrant marks. What economic threat did the aberrant marks pose to the houses?


 2017-05-23  3m

episode 3: 03 – Dragonmarks and Dragonmarked Houses

Keith, Scott, and Kristian discuss using dragonmarks and the dragonmarked houses in an Eberron game.


 2017-05-20  1h14m

Darguun and Valenar at the End of the Last War

Graham asks: "How was it that Darguun and Valenar were not given to the Cyran refugees?"


 2017-05-08  3m

Neutrality of Dragonmarked Houses in the Last War – Scott

Scott chimes in with his answer to Gil's question regarding the Neutrality of the Dragonmarked Houses during the Last War.


 2017-05-06  3m

Neutrality of Dragonmarked Houses in the Last War – Kristian

Gil asks, "What is the expectation of a dragonmarked house and/or a nation from a dragonmarked member assigned to support a national army unit on the front line? There is usually a lot of questions/conflicts that come up when there is a mixed PC party ...


 2017-05-05  3m

Pre-war Cyre – Scott

Scott follows up on Ian's question about "pre-war" Cyre, specifically in regards to inspirations for Cyran culture and personality.


 2017-04-20  4m