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"Truth In This Art Podcast," hosted by Rob Lee, brings to light the stories of artists, innovators, and cultural leaders, showcasing the profound impact of creativity on society. It offers an in-depth look at how art shapes our world, providing listeners with actionable insights and inspiration. This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the arts and their role in societal and personal growth, featuring discussions on the creative process, cultural innovation, and the power of artistic expression.

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episode 12: Grouchy Greg Watkins: Founder of on Building a Resilient Brand in Hip-Hop

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee sits down with Grouchy Greg Watkins, the founder of They discuss Grouchy Greg's journey in the entertainment industry, the founding of, and the importance of authenticity and integrity in journalism. Grouchy Greg shares stories of breaking major news stories in the hip-hop industry and the challenges of staying true to their journalistic principles in a rapidly changing media landscape...


 February 16, 2024  1h2m

episode 11: DC-based Podcaster Ronald Young Jr. shares his podcasting journey and the power of storytelling

In this episode of The Truth in This Art, host Rob Lee interviews Ronald Young Jr., a critically acclaimed audio producer, host, storyteller, and pop culture enthusiast. They discuss Ronald's journey in storytelling, his early experiences with audio production, and his passion for vulnerable and impactful storytelling. ????????????

Episode Highlights:

  • Ronald's earliest memories of storytelling in church and his love for movies and television...


 February 14, 2024  1h3m

episode 10: Derrick Whitfield Sr.: The Go-To Graphic Designer Discusses Afrofuturism and the Challenges of Being a Black Designer

Join host Rob Lee as he sits down with Derrick Whitfield Sr., a Navy veteran and go-to graphic designer for unconventional brands. They discuss Derrick's passion for design, his love for comics and pop culture, and how Afrofuturism influences his work. Discover the challenges and rewards of being a black designer in a predominantly white industry, and gain insights into the creative process and the importance of authenticity in branding...


 February 12, 2024  52m

episode 9: Stevan Smith: Bridging Connections as a Black Media Professional in Content Creation

In this episode of The Truth in This Art, host Rob Lee engages in a conversation with Stevan Smith, a seasoned public media professional. They discuss Stevan's journey in the industry, his love for radio, and the importance of representation in podcasting...


 February 9, 2024  1h2m

episode 8: Lisa Durden: Challenges as a Black Female Producer in Media and Entertainment

In this episode of "The Truth in This Art," host Rob Lee sits down with Lisa Durden, a sought-after television personality, pop culture commentator, content creator, celebrity blogger, and motivational speaker. Lisa shares her journey in the media industry, from being an on-camera host to becoming a producer and filmmaker. She discusses the challenges she has faced as a Black woman in the industry and the importance of telling authentic stories...


 February 2, 2024  1h13m

episode 7: Current Space: Empowering Baltimore Artists with Julianne Hamilton and Michael Benevento

In this episode of The Truth in This Art, host Rob Lee interviews Julianne Hamilton and Michael Benevento, co-directors of Current Space, a prominent art hub in Baltimore. They discuss their roles in shaping the art scene, the mission of Current Space, and the impact of their work on the local and international art community. ????????

Episode Highlights:

  • Julianne and Michael introduce themselves and their roles at Current Space...


 January 31, 2024  58m

episode 6: Larry Lancaster: A Baltimore Comedy Legend Discusses Mastering Authenticity

Join host Rob Lee as he sits down with the dynamic comedian, actor, model, and radio show host, Larry Lancaster. Larry shares his journey into comedy, the importance of authenticity in his performances, and the challenges of navigating controversial topics. Don't miss this insightful and entertaining conversation! ????️????

Episode Highlights:

  • Larry's background and his various roles in the entertainment industry...


 January 26, 2024  47m

episode 5: Rob Lee Takes the Hot Seat : Flipping the Tables with Wordsmith

In this episode of The Truth in This Art podcast, host Rob Lee is interviewed by Wordsmith. They discuss Rob's journey into podcasting, his most inspiring and weirdest guests, the role of podcasting in society, and his plans for the future of the podcast. Tune in to hear Rob's insights and experiences as a podcaster...


 January 20, 2024  34m

episode 4: Laughing Out Loud: Exploring the Art of Humorists with Michael C. Furr

In this episode of The Truth in This Art podcast, host Rob Lee sits down with Michael C. Furr, a prominent figure in Baltimore's comedy scene. They discuss Michael's journey into comedy, his experiences as a performer and producer, and his efforts to create a more inclusive and accepting space for comedians...


 January 19, 2024  1h5m

episode 3: Roberto Reed: The Thrill of Making People Laugh

????️???? In this episode of The Truth in This Art, host Rob Lee interviews Baltimore-based comedian and improviser Roberto Reed. ???? They discuss Roberto's journey in comedy, his passion for writing and helping others hone their work, and the intersection of stand-up and improv. Roberto shares insights into his creative process and the importance of staying busy and constantly seeking new material. Tune in for a fun and insightful conversation with a talented comedian...


 January 12, 2024  1h6m