The Truth In This Art - A Baltimore Podcast

The Truth In This Art is a podcast featuring authentic, intellectually curious conversations with contemporary artists, cultural works and small business owners — about their process, ideas that go into their work, and everything in between. The Truth In this Art is a podcast for artists, creative entrepreneurs and curious listeners. Hosted by Rob Lee.


episode 39: Interview with artist Nikita Yogaraj

Nikita Yogaraj is an emerging artist, illustrator and information designer with a background in public health.


 2021-04-28  28m

episode 40: Lieanne Navarro of Dear Globe Coffee Roasters

LieAnne Navarro has always had a passion for coffee and art. What started with a curiosity about the taste and how espresso machines worked, developed into a great love and appreciation for the craft of a cup. Beginning her career in California as a y


 2021-04-30  29m