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A podcast about Seinfeld from Phoebe Roy (10k Posts), who has seen it, and Milo Edwards (Trashfuture, Тумач), who hasn't

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episode 145: S7 E1 ”The Proposal” Feat. Tom Ballard

Aussie comic Tom Ballard (@tomcballard) joins Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) to discuss Jerry and George's attempts to grow up, and Australian gay etiquette... MOOD LIVE IN LONDON 28 FEB TICKETS:



episode 144: **PREVIEW** S6 E24 ”The Understudy” Feat. Alex Haddow

Comedian Alex Haddow (@missahaddow) joins Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) to get to the heart of Kramer's Bette Middler obsession...Full episode on Patreon for $3+ subscribers here: Follow us on twitte...



episode 143: **PREVIEW** Monthly Movie Corner: Alexander (2004) Feat. Patrick Wyman

Returning TITAN Patrick Wyman (@patrick_wyman) is back with Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) to discuss arguably the worst film of all time: Oliver Stone's rambling 2004 epic about Alexander the Great starring, of all people, Colin Farrell....



episode 142: S6 E23 ”The Face Painter” Feat. Ed Night

Comedian Ed Night (@_ednight) joins Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) to discuss Elaine's ick dilemma, adult milk, leaded petrol and, of course, The Reguyval TMMOOD LIVE IN LONDON 28 FEB TICKETS:



episode 141: **PREVIEW** S6 E22 ”The Diplomat’s Club”

Phoebe (@prhroy) and Milo (@milo_edwards) are flying solo for this week's ep, to discuss Costanza's over-correction and Phoebe's argument with a child about the film "Rat Race"...   Full episode on Patreon for $3+ subscribers here:https://...



episode 140: S6 E21 ”The Fusilli Jerry” Feat. Mattie Lubchansky

Our first free episode of the year features returning champion Mattie Lubchansky (@lubchansky) joined in DA BIG APPLE BABY by Milo (@milo_edwards) and on the call by Phoebe (@prhroy) for a full and frank discussion of THE ASSMAN... Bonus episodes on ...


 2023-01-02  1h3m

episode 139: UNLOCKED: S6 E8 ”The Mom and Pop Store” Feat. Seamus Malekafzali

It's Christmas week so we're unlocking some old gold from the Patreon vault for this week's free episode...Returning champion Seamus Malekafzali (@seamus_malek) is here to tell Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) all about the filmography of ho...


 2022-12-26  1h13m

episode 138: **PREVIEW** What’s The Deal? Ep 5: ”Snake Penis” Feat. Devon

Friend of the show Devon (@devon_onearth) joins Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) for a wide-ranging discussion laying to rest the question of snake pipe...Full episode available on Patreon for $10+ subscribers here:


 2022-12-22  4m

episode 137: **PREVIEW** S6 E20 ”The Doodle”

Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) are back with you to discuss whether or not an apartment can get fleas...Full episode on Patreon for $3+ subscribers here: us on twitter @mastersofpod!


 2022-12-19  2m

episode 135: S6 E19 ”The Jimmy” Feat. Riley

Riley (@raaleh) joins Milo (@milo_edwards) and Phoebe (@prhroy) to discuss a controversial episode of Seinfeld and, crucially, dental hygienists... Bonus episodes on Patreon from $3 per month here: Follow us on twi...


 2022-12-12  1h20m