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A conspiracy theory inspired comedy show. Exploring the mysterious and murky lake bottom of entertainment, otherwise known as real life.

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episode 32: Episode 32 - Grindcore Granny

What does a 63 year old stroke victim who realizes his rapping skills have in common with a 68 year old granny lead singer in a metal band? Nothing. Probably.


 2020-09-21  30m

episode 31: Episode 31 - Top 10 Creepy Songs

Some of our favorite creepy songs from the world of the interwebs.


 2020-09-14  39m

episode 30: Episode 30 - Top 10 Sucks Again

This week we listen to the top ten songs from the UK, and guess what. Popular music sucks there too.


 2020-09-07  53m

episode 29: Episode 29 - Cardi B & The Hit Songs Of The Week

This week we listen to Billboard's Top 10 songs of the week for August 29th 2020. Has Cardi B. created the final song we will ever need about sex? How could there ever be anything better than WAP?


 2020-08-31  58m

episode 28: Episode 28 - The Advice Show

This week is The Advice Show. The Advice Show is a radio call in show hosted by Robert Devalue, a gifted motivational speaker who has been giving life changing advice to people all over the world.


 2020-08-24  10m

episode 27: Episode 27 - Shadow Gate

This week Paul and Eulice discuss Shadow Gate, the new conspiracy documentary.


 2020-08-17  1h0m

episode 26: Episode 26 - Meanwhile in Morocco

This week we play African drums and wonder where all the laughter has gone. Will we ever get back to laughter as a society, or has that too become only a luxury for the wealthy elite?


 2020-08-10  51m

episode 25: Episode 25 - Do Gay Rednecks Exist?

After concluding this episode on doomsday prepping, I legit started wondering if gay rednecks even exist? Fascinating to thing about. I will tell ya one thing, after doomsday, if enough women don't survive, there will probably be an upsurge.


 2020-08-03  43m

episode 26: Episode 26 - Pedo Lives Matter

In this episode Paul is running solo this week, and Stephen Colbert and CBS news gain some respect by attacking scumbag lawyers who defend billionaire pedophiles like Alan Dershowitz, because in his own words, likes to 'defend the underdog'.


 2020-08-03  12m

episode 24: Episode 24 - Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect is about to be indicted on rape charges. At least that is our speculation based on everything we know so far. Sorry, this episode is way late as the Dr. Disrespect firing happened a month ago. Still interesting AF. Even if you don't know D...


 2020-07-27  29m