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episode 73: Episode #72 - History of Physics | Max Planck & Alan Turing

Today we talk about the lives and the discoveries of two more physicists/mathematicians: Max Planck and Alan Turing. We discuss the mind-blowing ideas that Planck brought to the physics community and the amazing contributions to mathematics and computer ...



episode 72: Episode #71 - What are the Odds You Click on This?

Today we talk about the relatively recent mathematical topic that is statistics! As you might know, Ray is majoring in statistics and has a lot to say about the subject. Join us in our journey of data collection and analysis.   Instagram: @math.physics.p...



episode 71: Episode #70 - How the World FUNCTIONS w/ Mathew Cater

Today we talk with our good friend Matt about functions! What are functions? Why do we need them? And some special guest functions... Enjoy the episode   To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to, ...



episode 70: Episode #69 - The "Exciting" World of Electricity

Today we discuss the basics of one of our favorite topics in physics, electrostatics. It's such an amazing topic to study as we use it every single day but it was once an extremely difficult power to wield. Enjoy the episode :).   Instagram: @math.physic...



episode 69: Episode #68 - Mathematics Beyond the Horizon w/ Epic Math Time

Today we talk with Jon from the YouTube channel Epic Math Time. Enjoy this great discussion as we get somewhat of an introduction to the amazing world of Group Theory. Epic Math Time: Power Log Vid...



episode 68: Episode #67 - Let There be Light | The Massless Particle That Limits the Universe

Today we talk about light itself, one of the most difficult things to actually study and measure, up until this era of science. The mystery around light is actually what opened the majestic gates leading to quantum mechanics. Instagram: @math.physics.pod...


 2021-06-28  1h11m

episode 67: Episode #66 - Riding the Waves of Space-Time

Today we talk about one of the most interesting topics in today's world of physics. Gravitational waves were a prediction by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and were confirmed just recently. Enjoy the episode!   To all our listeners out there, we...


 2021-06-21  56m

episode 66: Episode #65 - A Linear World

Today we talk about the beauties and wonders of linear algebra. Its deeply seeded roots in calculus and physics makes it the perfect topic to uncover during your mathematical career. Make sure to follow us since we are so close to 10k followers!   Instag...


 2021-06-14  1h4m

episode 65: Episode #64 - Discovery of the Subatomic Realm w/ Dr. Don Lincoln

Today we talk with Dr. Don Lincoln from Fermilab. You may know him from his amazing physics videos on Youtube, as well as his great physics books! Find his videos here:   To all our listeners out there, we are so hap...


 2021-06-07  1h12m

episode 64: Episode #63 - Newton's Ultimate Laws of Physics

Today we talk about the famous three laws of classical physics that were first written by Sir Isaac Newton himself. These laws ultimately shifted the world's perspective on how THINGS work. We now understand them as obvious, but obviously, they have not ...


 2021-05-31  1h1m