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Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 23m. Bisher sind 31 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 12 hours 8 minutes


episode 18: Interventions in Maths

Host Leanne McMahon and guest Cass Lowry talk about one of the most asked questions on Maths Education Social Media, "What intervention program is best?" We discuss the value of intervention in general and look at a couple of specific examples that we ha...



episode 17: Changes to the Australian Curriculum - Maths

MathsTalk returns with a two-part podcast featuring host, Leanne McMahon talking to maths leader and classroom teacher Cass Lowry about the proposed changes to the Australian Curriculum. In today's teabreak, we discuss the rationale behind the changes an...



episode 16: ReRelease Multiplication Matters Part 1

The release of the draft of the new Australian Curriculum in Mathematics has caused quite a stir. While this will be discussed in our next episode, we thought it timely to rerelease one of our most popular podcasts (edited for a quicker listen). It looks...



episode 15: Rerelease - Fluency in Mathematics (Nov. 2020)

With all the talk about NAPLAN, it seems like a great time to revisit the idea of fluency. Mathstalk will be back with new episodes in 2 weeks. Host Leanne McMahon is joined by AMSI Outreach Officer and MathsTalk Twitter chat host, Cass Lowry to discuss ...


 2021-05-07  15m

episode 14: Conceptual Understanding Part 2

Nadia and Leanne continue their discussion about teaching mathematics for conceptual understanding. Today they delve into how Patterns and Algebra can be taught conceptually and then they get practical; discussing the thought process that goes into plann...


 2021-03-29  28m

episode 13: Rerelease: The Equals sign

As a response to feedback on our recent Podcast, Conceptual Understanding, we have rereleased the podcast we referred to, "The Equals sign" Host Claire Embregts grabs a cuppa with AMSI Schools Outreach Officer Leanne McMahon to talk about the importance ...


 2021-03-12  10m

episode 12: Conceptual Understanding: Primary to Secondary

In our first 'live' podcast for 2021, host, Leanne McMahon talks to Mathematics Consultant Nadia Abdelal. They discuss the importance of teaching for conceptual understanding, and why it needs to be extended into secondary classes. This is a must-listen ...


 2021-03-09  19m

episode 11: 2021 Re-Release. Starting the Year. What Classrooms need.

Due to popular demand we are re-releasing the episodes from 2020 that look at starting the year in Mathematics. We'll be back very soon with fresh, exciting episodes for the new year. In the first Mathstalk series of the year, the team looks at starting ...


 2021-01-19  40m

episode 10: Addition

In this Tea Break episode, host Claire Embregts is joined by AMSI Outreach Officer Anna Bock who shares some ideas and strategies that teachers can implement in the classroom to support their students with understanding the concept of Addition. We chat a...


 2020-12-22  9m

episode 9: MAV Conference Roundup

Leanne McMahon enlists the journalistic/Maths educator talents of Vicky Kennard and Cassandra Lowry to review some highlights of the 2020 Mathematics Association of Victoria Virtual Conference held on the 3rd and 4th of December. If you didn't manage to ...


 2020-12-11  15m