Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social

Twice a week, godless Las Vegas comedians Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly take on the news and issues of the day/week and end each episode debating a Jock vs. Nerd issue of the week/century. Matt Donnelly, co host on Penn Jillette's "Penn's Sunday School" podcast, and Paul Mattingly, co-host of the "Geek Shock" and "The Ugly Couch Show" podcasts combine to form a Voltron of hilarity. So in a drastic stretch of the imagination- this podcast is a Las Vegas Super Podcast. Ice Cream Social: Dessert For Your Ears

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h37m. Bisher sind 662 Folge(n) erschienen.

episode 647: Episode 647: Group Foot Juggling with Fresh Shaved Parm

Did Canadian nuclear activity give Matt magical powers.


 2020-01-13  1h24m

episode 646: Episode 646: Pebble Trampoline

The price of chicken at Vons is disgusting.


 2020-01-09  1h40m

episode 645: Episode 645: Hanky Williams Jr.

Criss Angel's new illusion reviewed.


 2020-01-06  1h49m

episode 644: Episode 644: Methboygan



 2020-01-02  1h18m

episode 643: Episode 643: An Angular Toothy Blowhole

Best physical scoop mail ever.


 2019-12-30  1h29m

episode 642: Episode 642: New Nashville Tires

Merry Chris Bosh to all and to all a slam dunk.


 2019-12-26  1h21m

episode 641: Episode 641: 7 Inches and Sleepy

A dicey compliment almost destroys a marriage...


 2019-12-23  1h9m

episode 640: Episode 640: Usain Bolt's Top 5 Piano Requests.

Matt is a freak. Paul is a lover. Jacob is older.


 2019-12-20  1h30m

episode 639: Episode 639: To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

Matt debates getting a tattoo with Paul and Jacob


 2019-12-16  1h16m

episode 638: Episode 638: No Z In Thomassian

Questworld returns along with a hatred of Paul's puns. Hello, Anais.


 2019-12-12  1h34m