Maximum Power Up

A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.

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Episode 23: SEGA Mega Drive Part 2

Whether you preferred Sega or Nintendo back in the day, nobody can deny that the Mega Drive was a phenomenal system with some truly iconic games. In this second visit to the system that brought us 'Blast Processing', we take a close look at a further...


 2016-04-05  1h37m

Episode 22: Wrestling Games

This episode we enter squared circle to discuss some of our favourite wrestling games. Joining the rumble of discussion is Paul, Phil, Chris and special guest Maffew Gregg from popular wrestling YouTube show Botchamania. Listen as we slam through...


 2016-03-22  1h58m

Episode 21: PlayStation 2 Part 1

The PS2 is one of the most popular consoles of all time and has a vast library of thousands memorable titles. Paul, Phil and Tom sit down to discuss some of their favourite PlayStation 2 games that made this system a must own for many gamers. As well...


 2016-03-09  2h13m

Episode 20: Gremlin Graphics

In this new episode Paul is joined by Sam Dyer from Bitmap Books and Mark Hardisty, author of upcoming book A Gremlin In The Works. This episode is all about one of the most well loved companies of UK gaming, Gremlin Graphics. We discuss Mark's...


 2016-02-17  2h42m

Episode 19: id Software

In this episode of Maximum Power Up, self-confessed id Software junkies Phil and Tom take a look at the post-Wolfenstein shooters from id; and take a trip into the Lovecraftian dankness of Quake, before moving on to the post-apocalyptic nightmare...


 2016-02-03  2h37m

Bonus Episode: Video Games Market 3

In this short bonus episode Paul speaks with Adam Buchanan from RetroCollect. With upcoming event Video Games Market 3 not far off they discuss some of the traders that are there as well a what each of them is hoping to add to their own...


 2016-01-27  22m

Episode 18: Game Boy Advance

In this episode Paul, Chris and Jake sit down to discuss Nintendo's popular handheld the Game Boy Advance - the last machine to feature the Game Boy brand. Loads of games are mentioned from the team's personal top fives, community top five as well as...


 2016-01-16  1h39m

Episode 17: Mix Tape Vol. 1

Welcome to our 1st episode of 2016. In this episode Paul and Phil wanted to start the year with some of their favourite pieces of videogame music as well as featuring some fantastic community choices. From the C64 to the PS3 there are loads of great...


 2016-01-03  1h49m

Episode 16: Playstation Experience 2015 & Arcade Club

Welcome to Maximum Power Up, a gaming podcast that covers retro and modern gaming.   Our latest episode covers two topics to close off 2015. Firstly Paul, Phil and Chris sit down to discuss the Sony Playstation Experience 2015 that was held on...


 2015-12-18  2h13m

Episode 15: Arcade Racers

Love them or loathe them, racing sims are one of the most popular genres when it comes to gaming. The racing stable of a console can make or break it, and there are some simply stunning examples of vehicular competition going all the way back to the...


 2015-12-06  1h46m