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"Uncut Gems" and "Dolemite Is My Name" (Daniel Kaufman & Milton Lawson)

In praise of Uncut Gems ... Why does Adam Sandler's dirtbag character evince such sympathy? ... Punishment and forgiveness in narrative storytelling ... In praise of Dolemite Is My Name ... Eddie Murphy's triumphant return to SNL ... Is offensive comedy coming back? ... Why were these two films snubbed by the Oscars? ... Expertise vs. experience in cultural criticism ...



We Need a Science of UFOs (Robert Wright & Alexander Wendt)

In a new TEDx talk, Alex calls for a science of UFOs ... Why Bob finds two naval sightings credible ... Alex: "There's some decent chance that these things are alien" ... Alex's proposal for a UFO monitoring system ... Might it be suicidal to let ETs know that we know about them? ... Alex: Maybe the aliens are waiting for us to figure it out ... What explains the taboo against academic study of UFOs? ... Alex's willingness to be misperceived as a crank ...



Debating Moral Realism (Daniel Kaufman & Spencer Case)

Spencer describes being quarantined in Wuhan, China ... What is "moral realism"? ... Can you be a moral realist and a moral subjectivist at the same time? ... Revisiting Plato's Ring of Gyges ... Dan: There's no evidence of morality beyond performances ... The trouble with giving advice ... "All things considered," what ought you to do? ... What we lost in the Scientific Revolution ...



How to Live a Good Life (Robert Wright, Massimo Pigliucci, & Skye Cleary)

Skye and Massimo's new co-edited book, with Daniel Kaufman, How to Live a Good Life ... Existentialism's intersections with Stoicism ... How Skye encountered Existentialism while in business school ... Sartre and de Beauvoir's famous attempt to live a life of freedom ... Are philosophers a bunch of hypocrites? ... Personal authenticity vs. social convention ... Why Stoicism doesn’t mean passive acceptance ... Skye and Massimo on the philosophies they found most interesting .....



Scientist, Philosopher, Stoic (John Horgan & Massimo Pigliucci)

How Massimo's midlife crisis moved him from biologist to philosopher ... What's the point of philosophy? ... Philosophical doubt as as a counterweight to scientific confidence ... John mistrusts science's yearning for certainty ... Massimo's path to stoicism ... Can reason make you happier? ... Abusive Buddhist gurus and other unexpectedly bad people ... Was Seneca a hypocritical asshole? ...


 2020-01-29  1h13m

Spiritual Science (John Horgan & Steve Taylor)

Steve's childhood experiences of euphoria in nature ... Why Steve prefers "wakefulness" to "enlightenment" ... Does being "awakened" make you a better person? ... Steve: "Being a parent is a spiritual path" ... Steve's new book, Spiritual Science ... "Panspiritism" as an alternative to panpsychism ... How is "the spirit" different than God? ... Was there a point in prehistory when man behaved morally? ... Brexit, Trump, and encounters with death that lead to transformation ...


 2020-01-17  1h15m

Does Moral Truth Exist? (Robert Wright & Gideon Rosen)

Defining "moral realism" ... Cognitivists vs. noncognitivists ... Are moral beliefs just expressions of human desires? ... Human happiness is better than human suffering...right? ... Considering whether you can be both a Darwinian and a moral realist ... Moral progress, teleology, and mysticism ... Why you "have to take something for granted" in any philosophical system ... The bedrock sources of meaning in life ... If life has meaning, does moral realism logically follow? ...


 2020-01-07  1h13m

Philosophy and the City (Daniel Kaufman & Joseph Biehl)

Why Joe left academia ... Bemoaning the apathy of today's college students ... Joe's nonprofit, the Gotham Philosophical Society ... How can philosophers help improve a place like New York City? ... Should philosophy be parochial or universalist? ... Philosophical anti-realism and parochialism ... Neighborhood pride in the cosmopolitan city ...


 2019-12-28  1h28m

Mindfulness and Racial Justice (Robert Wright & Rhonda Magee)

Rhonda's path to meditation and Buddhism ... Rhonda's new book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice ... Is equanimity the enemy of activism? ... Using mindfulness to overcome biases and stereotypes ... How Rhonda deploys contemplative practices in her law school classroom ... Can one feel compassion for a cop who shot an unarmed black man? ...


 2019-12-25  48m

What Is Philosophy For? (Daniel Kaufman & Spencer Case)

In praise of non-elite institutions ... Spencer’s journey from Mormonism to professional philosophy ... Does philosophy matter? ... The role of temperament in shaping philosophers’ views ... Does moral philosophy contribute to moral progress? ... Dan: It doesn’t matter whether God exists ... Dan and Spencer’s concerns about the role of activism in philosophy ... Does it matter if philosophy matters? ... Spencer: Trying to live with integrity is central to philosophy ...


 2019-12-17  1h56m