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Clean Meat (Robert Wright & Paul Shapiro)

Paul Shapiro’s new book, Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World ... Why conventional meat production is inefficient and unsustainable (not to mention cruel) ... Recent innovations in lab-cultured protein, fat, and even leather ... Will cultured meat ever become affordable? ... How plant-based “meat” and “dairy” have gained market share in the past decade ... Paul: History won’t look kindly on our treatment of animals .....


 2019-04-08  1h3m

Good Reasons for Bad Feelings (Robert Wright & Randolph Nesse)

Randy's new book, Good Reasons for Bad Feelings ... What's the function of grief? ... Good for your genes but bad for you ... Evolutionary explanations for low mood/depression ... What Freud got right ... Orgasms and natural selection ... Social media, the digital crack cocaine ...


 2019-04-03  51m

Homebrewed Christianity (Robert Wright & Tripp Fuller)

What does Christianity have in common with Pabst Blue Ribbon? ... Young Bob and young Tripp's critical readings of the Bible ... Tripp: Human dignity doesn’t fit into a reductive materialist worldview ... Do all Christians believe in divine intervention? ... Could a deistic God have created Jesus? ... Spiritual practices for the overly judgmental (pretty much everyone) ... Tripp’s culture shock upon returning to North Carolina ... Paul Tillich and the dialogue between culture and faith .....


 2019-03-15  1h25m

The Theology of Communication (Nikita Petrov & John Horgan)

Nikita launches a YouTube channel and a Patreon page ... Could depression be rational? ... The nihilistic/psychedelic/Buddhist Russian writer Victor Pelevin ... Louis CK and the problem of evil ... Gnosticism and the blunder of creation ... The mystery of communication ... Russia is a book, America is a computer game ...


 2019-03-05  1h45m

Gene Editing: The Future is Here (Robert Wright & Jason Pontin)

Jason’s tenure as editor of MIT’s Technology Review ... Jason says he never, ever feels offended ... Why Jason’s investment firm didn’t back a new gene editing technology ... Is current gene-editing technology a “moral and therapeutic dead end”? ... How to regulate a future designer baby business ... What makes CRISPR gene-editing technology revolutionary? ... 3D-printing and the future of gun control ... Will mind-reading technology kill romantic love? .....


 2019-03-01  1h2m

The Truth about "Truth" (Daniel Kaufman & Crispin Sartwell)

Crispin’s book chapter on the nature of truth ... Do different uses of the word “truth” have a family resemblance? ... The challenge of connecting truth with reality ... Where does linguistics enter the picture? ... How Crispin bucks expectations of academic philosophical writing ... Dan: Analytic philosophy misses the forest for the trees ... What’s missing from Crispin’s exploration of truth? ...


 2019-02-12  1h11m

Team Human (Robert Wright & Douglas Rushkoff)

Douglas's new book, Team Human ... Remembering when people behaved better online than IRL ... Douglas was optimistic about the Internet. Then came capitalism. ... Imagining a better Facebook ... Douglas: "Being human is a team sport" ... Tribalism and the Internet ... The false promise of "disruption" ... How capitalism complicates Douglas’s life ...


 2019-02-09  52m

Metaphysics and You (Stephen Asma & Rami Gabriel)

What is metaphysics, and did it get derailed? ... The desire to live in a universe that “makes sense” ... How the human lifespan limits our scope of understanding ... Why we’re drawn to metaphysical questions ... Why younger generations are choosing the supernatural and spiritual over traditional religion ... Metaphysics as a means of organizing the sublime ... Is the feeling of awe older than humanity itself? ... The uncertain future of metaphysics ...


 2019-02-05  1h5m

Questioning Materialism (Robert Wright & Gideon Rosen)

What's the philosophical status of materialism? ... Gideon’s views about math lead him to reject materialism ... Does the existence of consciousness disprove materialism? ... Taking the simulation hypothesis seriously ... How lucky are we to be alive right now? ... Teleology and moral realism ...


 2019-02-01  1h6m

How Does Acupuncture Work? (Josh Summers & Dan Keown)

Dan's new book, The Unchartered Body: A New Textbook of Medicine ... How Dan’s intrepid grandmother brought him to Eastern medicine ... Explaining Eastern medicine to a skeptic ... Embryology and the importance of “connectedness” within a body ... What is “chi,” exactly? ... Where Western medicine falls short ... What placebo research proves (and doesn’t prove) about acupuncture ... What does the acupuncture needle do? ... Dan’s recommended lifestyle changes for systemic health ...


 2019-01-28  1h18m