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The Elephant in the Brain (Robert Wright & Robin Hanson)

Why Robin's head will be severed and frozen upon his death ... Robin used the phrase "redistribution of sex" and people got mad ... Robin defends his controversial blog post about rape and cuckoldry ... Robin's book about our selfish motives, The Elephant in the Brain ... Laughter as a signal about norm violation ... Robin: Politics is about proving your loyalty to your side ... What's the real reason we engage in conversation? ...


 2018-07-20  1h13m

The Self in Meditation, Science, and Politics (Robert Wright & Thomas Metzinger)

Try this at home: the rubber hand illusion ... Out-of-body experiences in VR ... Why you will never have a not-self experience ... Meditation, capitalism, and political activism ... The urgent need to teach meditation in schools ... Thomas's "transparent self" model ...


 2018-07-14  1h6m

The Final Mysterians (Robert Wright & Michael Shermer)

Michael's controversial Scientific American column on the "final mysterians" ... Bob's thought experiment about God and quantum mechanics ... The split among philosophers over the free will question ... Revisiting Thomas Nagel’s famous essay, "What is it like to be a bat?" ... What's a harder problem, God or consciousness? ... What laws should govern a colony on Mars? ... Michael reports from inside the Intellectual Dark Web ... Deconstructing Jordan Peterson's appeal .....


 2018-07-12  1h53m

The New Cosmic Story (Robert Wright & John Haught)

John's book, The New Cosmic Story ... Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and cosmic evolution ... What it means to say that "God is more Omega than Alpha" ... John: We live in an "awakening universe" ... Putting religion in cosmic context ... Does "rightness" exist apart from human judgment? ... Why John takes comfort in the "unfinishedness" of the universe ... Alfred North Whitehead's influence on John's worldview ... Why John rejects Perennialism ...


 2018-07-06  1h4m