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The Problem with Everything (Daniel Kaufman & Meghan Daum)

Meghan’s new book, The Problem with Everything ... The premature obsolescence of Generation X ... Meghan’s positive reaction to negative reviews of her book ... Joan Didion’s critique of the Women’s Movement ... The effect of online porn on Millennials ... Why do institutions capitulate to Twitter mobs? ... How Gen Xers are dealing with aging ...


 2019-11-11  1h15m

Grace-Filled Naturalism (Robert Wright & Roger Haight)

Why Pope John Paul II did not like Roger's book Jesus Symbol of God ... Roger's new book, Faith and Evolution: Grace-Filled Naturalism ... The intractability of the problem of evil ... Ways to understand God not as a big person in the sky ... Is natural selection an instrument of divine creation? ... Roger's heterodox view of Jesus of Nazareth ... Roger's problem with original sin ... What is a "grace-filled naturalism"? ...


 2019-11-09  1h21m

Do We Live in a Simulation? (Robert Wright & Preston Greene)

Why many intelligent people think we're living in a simulation ... The philosophical argument that you're probably not real ... How cosmic rays might (and might not) reveal that reality is fake ... Preston's dire warning against trying to determine if we're in a simulation ... Is the simulation hypothesis non-falsifiable? ... Is "the simulation" just religion for atheists? ...


 2019-11-01  1h9m

Is Wittgenstein Overrated? (Daniel Kaufman & Crispin Sartwell)

Why Crispin loves writing takedowns of cultural icons ... Crispin: Ludwig Wittgenstein is overrated ... Dan objects to people who try to live their lives philosophically ... Hume and the limits of human reason ... Wittgenstein's critique of representationalism ... Did Wittgenstein debunk philosophical skepticism? ... Crispin: I want my metaphysics to be compatible with my common sense ...


 2019-10-23  1h49m

Automating the News (Robert Wright & Nicholas Diakopoulos)

Nick's new book, Automating the News ... Why Nick is not an alarmist about the automation of journalism ... The types of journalism jobs that algorithms can't replace ... Successful collaborations between human journalists and machines ... The perils of algorithmic fact-checking ... Nick's current research ... Bob hopes for a bot that can assign blame for international law violations ... Can the power of Twitter bots be used for good? ...


 2019-10-21  59m

Science and Scientism (Robert Wright & John Horgan)

What is scientism, and who is doing it? ... Postmodernism and whether science just tells "stories" ... John criticizes the "ideological fervor" of evolutionary psychology ... The hubris of scientists in the '80s and '90s ... Has science reached its fundamental limits in trying to explain consciousness? ... John wins his Nobel Prize "long bet" on string theory ... The various corrupting influences on scientists ... A brief debate on higher purpose ...


 2019-10-19  1h11m

This Podcast Is Self Care (Aryeh Cohen-Wade, Drew Spears, and Cait Raft)

Cait and Drew's podcast, This Podcast Is Self Care ... Emotional labor vs. self care ... Unpacking the idea that self care is just for women ... Crystals, sage, and "fake magic is real" ... Why are Millennials so attracted to self care and the supernatural? ... Astrology as anti-capitalism ... The hot new trend of "self-grandparenting" ... Why Aryeh loves the podcast ...


 2019-10-16  1h8m

Buddhist Ethics (Robert Wright & Bhikkhu Bodhi)

What is the foundation of Buddhist ethics? ... Experiencing not-self ... Buddhism is a synthesis of consequentialism and virtue ethics ... The origins of Buddhism's concern for animal welfare ... Does the Buddha want you to be vegetarian? ... Why isn’t there more anti-militarist activism among Buddhists? ... Trying to comply with the Buddhist ideal of "right speech" ... Mental defilements and their eradication ... Does Buddhism’s emphasis on equanimity discourage activism? ...


 2019-10-04  1h20m

Natural Kinds (Daniel Kaufman & Massimo Pigliucci)

What are “natural kinds”? ... What the former planet Pluto can teach us about natural kinds ... Massimo’s changing views on theoretical entities ... Is there a paradigm shift on the horizon in evolutionary biology? ... Is skepticism toward natural kinds the same as skepticism toward essential properties? ... Why Massimo is skeptical of the concept of "laws of nature" ... Describing “ultimate reality” ... Can we distinguish between sex and gender without natural kinds? .....


 2019-10-02  1h37m

The Ethics of Boycotts (David Ottlinger & Carson Young)

Our era of boycotts, from Jimmy Johns to Uber to Nike ... The ethics and political philosophy of boycotts ... "Society is not a person" ... Waheed Hussein's concept of social change economic consumerism ... Group power and coercion ... Why boycotts usually fail ... How can we judge the worthiness of a boycott's goals? ...


 2019-09-25  1h29m