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Neuroexistentialism (Robert Wright & Gregg Caruso)

What is neuroexistentialism? ... Neuroscience, free will, and existentialism ... The ‘compatibilist’ claim that free will and determinism can co-exist ... To define “free will,” first redefine “agency” ... Why the importance of luck should make us doubt intuitions about free will ... Moral responsibility and the Nazi war criminal thought experiment ... Does Gregg’s personality predispose him to reject retribution? ...


 2018-09-11  55m

The Beauty Suit (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Lauren Shields)

Lauren's new book on her experiment with dressing modestly, The Beauty Suit ... Lauren's unusual path to the seminary ... Alternative readings of Quranic verses on female modesty ... Christianity, conspicuous consumption, and the Amish ... Jewish women who cover their hair with wigs that look just like their hair ... Makeup trends that only look good on social media ... Why cultural appropriation is often rooted in misogyny ... Lauren's advice for men ...


 2018-09-05  1h4m

The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity (Robert Wright & K. Anthony Appiah)

Anthony's new book, The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity ... Anthony's own unusual identity ... Cosmopolitanism and its discontents ... Patriotism, nationalism, and "legitimate forms of partiality" ... Against essentialism in religion ... The invention of the idea of a national spirit ... Who owns the culture? ... How class conflict has changed in the US and UK ...


 2018-08-31  1h33m

Immanent Buddhism (Robert Wright & Bhikkhu Bodhi)

How Bhikkhu Bodhi first encountered Buddhism... ... ...and how he became a Buddhist monk ... Can "secular" Buddhists have spiritual experiences? ... Traditional Buddhism, secular Buddhism, and immanent Buddhism ... Diving into nirvana: “conditioned arising” and “the unconditioned” ... Does Buddhism make you a better person? ...


 2018-08-24  1h16m

Pleasure and Addiction (Stephen Asma & Rami Gabriel)

What is pleasure, and what isn't? ... How human will fits into philosophies of pleasure ... Addiction, brain chemistry, and the lies we tell ourselves ... Why are some people more prone to addiction than others? ... Addiction as a disease of deprivation ... Antonio Demasio’s new book that rethinks culture and the roots of consciousness ...


 2018-08-24  1h4m

What Is It Like to Be a Man? (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Philip Christman)

Phil's essay, "What Is It Like to Be a Man?" ... Modern male stereotypes: Homer Simpson vs. Harvey Weinstein ... Proud Boys, Jordan Peterson, and the crisis of masculinity ... The trans challenge to gender norms ... Phil explains why his Christian faith doesn't provide him with certainty ... Contrasting certainty in Judaism and Christianity ...


 2018-08-16  56m

On the Profession of Philosophy (Daniel Kaufman & Justin Weinberg)

Justin's website about the philosophy profession, Daily Nous ... What philosophers actually do when they do research ... Will we ever solve the big philosophical questions? ... What the American Philosophical Association does ... Is this a golden age for public philosophy? ... Are philosophy departments in danger? ... Dan wonders whether there should be a moratorium on new philosophy PhDs ...


 2018-08-15  1h27m

The Physics of Time (Robert Wright & Tim Maudlin)

Three fundamental questions about time ... Revisiting the famous "twins paradox" thought experiment ... Why Tim thinks mainstream physicists are wrong about time ... Einstein and determinism ... Why Einstein was wrong about quantum entanglement ... Non-locality, the weirdest thing in physics ...


 2018-08-10  1h14m

Why We Need Religion (Josh Summers & Stephen Asma)

Stephen’s new book, Why We Need Religion ... Who is Stephen’s intended audience? ... How religion shaped our emotional lives for millennia ... Can you benefit from religion without sincere belief? ... “False consolation”? No such thing, Stephen says ... Stephen learns to appreciate the “smells and bells” of Buddhism in Bhutan ... How will religion evolve in America? ...


 2018-08-10  1h12m

"Occult Politics" in the Trump Era (Nikita Petrov & Gary Lachman)

The rise of "occult politics" in the Trump era ... Pepe the Frog and "willing Trump into office" ... Trickle-down metaphysics from Nietzsche to Trump ... Steve Bannon’s connection to European far-right esoteric philosophy ... "Putin’s Rasputin," Alexander Dugin ... Gary’s new project on the return of "Holy Russia" ... Gary's thoughts on Jordan Peterson ...


 2018-08-06  1h16m