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Leftism in Academic Philosophy (Daniel Kaufman & Oliver Traldi)

Why Oliver quit law school ... Is it professionally risky to express heterodox views in philosophy? ... Philosophy as handmaiden to progressive politics ... Dan’s essay on philosophy’s abuse of the harm principle ... The chicken-or-egg question of students or faculty ... Is leftism corrupting scholarship? ... What politics can learn from the field of philosophy ... The irony of a leftist discipline that exploits labor ...


 2019-01-19  1h29m

Why We Dream (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Alice Robb)

Alice's new book, Why We Dream ... All the wrong ways we used to think about dreams ... The unusual discovery of REM sleep ... When scientists thought dreams were a paranormal gateway ... Alice describes participating in a "dream group" ... What do events in dreams really mean? ... Why do we have nightmares? ... How to get started with lucid dreaming ...


 2019-01-15  58m

Postmodernism and Religion (Robert Wright & John D. Caputo)

John, a theologian and philosopher, explains postmodern Christianity ... Why postmodernism is not "linguistic idealism" ... Religion's tendency to literalize ... What Paul Tillich and Jacques Derrida thought about "the unconditional" ... John: The Scriptures present a poetic, topsy-turvy vision of life ... Where do our aspirations come from (if anywhere)? ... Have art, literature, and social activism replaced religion? .....


 2019-01-12  1h17m

Mind, Body, and Gender (John Horgan & Deirdre McCloskey)

Deirdre McCloskey’s personal experience with mind, body, and gender ... Are there female and male psyches? ... How traditional liberalism guides Deirdre’s personal philosophy ... Why Deirdre describes herself as a postmodernist ... Liberalism, capitalism, and Marx ... Understanding the global turn to populism ...


 2019-01-08  1h11m

Could Evolution Be Conscious? (Robert Wright & Massimo Pigliucci)

Could evolution be conscious? ... Teleology vs. teleonomy ... A purposeful universe is possible, sure—but is it likely? ... The trouble with Stephen Jay Gould’s views on the evolution of complexity ... It’s “like something” to be an individual human. Could it be like something to be a society? ... The news from epigenetics: Heredity works in weirder ways than we knew ...


 2019-01-05  1h18m

Superhero Ethics (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Travis Smith)

Travis's new book, Superhero Ethics ... The Incredible Hulk and the dangers of individualism ... Why Wolverine embodies honor and integrity ... Batman vs. Spider-Man, dueling reactions to our tragic universe ... Family tragedies in the lives of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker ... Why adults should take comic books seriously ...


 2019-01-03  1h11m

Is Punk Dead? (Daniel Kaufman & E. John WinnerE)

John’s personal history with punk rock ... Why was punk more political in the UK than in NYC? ... The far reach of capitalism into counterculture ... How the NYC punk scene fizzled out ... The early importance of record shops and FM radio stations ... Punk and suburban oppression ... Is punk dead or perennially youthful? ... John: Gender expression is the new embodiment of the punk ethos ...


 2018-12-31  1h31m

Tragedy and Telepathy (John Horgan & Stuart Kauffman)

Stuart’s early interest in the deepest questions in philosophy and science ... How a premonition of his daughter’s tragic death shaped Stuart’s ideas about consciousness ... Telepathy, nonlocality, and decoherence: making sense of inexplicable experiences ... “Enablement,” Stuart’s concept of a creative, unpredictable causality ... John on the connection between emotional experiences and intellectual views ... John and Stuart look to the future with cautious optimism .....


 2018-12-30  1h16m

Neuroscientist Christof Koch: The Integrated Information Theory (John Horgan & Christof Koch)

Footprints of consciousness in the brain ... Information and consciousness ... The “Jennifer Aniston neuron” ... Integrated Information Theory and panpsychism ... John and Christof disagree about the limits of science ... A paradigm explosion in the science of consciousness ... Implanting brain chips to compete with AI ...


 2018-12-24  1h7m

Self-actualization and the "Dark Triad" (Robert Wright & Scott Barry Kaufman)

What is the “G” factor in human intelligence? ... Fortunately for Scott and Bob, intelligence is about more than mentally rotating 3D objects ... What Psych 101 classes get wrong about Abraham Maslow’s “self-actualization” ... Is there a right way to self-actualize? ... What is personality? ... How self-actualized is Bob? He took Scott’s test to find out. ... The “Dark Triad” (and why we need a little darkness) ... Gender differences in narcissism ...


 2018-12-22  1h9m