Medicare for All

Benjamin Day and Stephanie Nakajima of Healthcare-NOW break down everything you need to know about the social movement to make healthcare a right in the United States. Medicare for All!

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episode 43: The State of Mental Healthcare

Today we discuss the sorry state of mental healthcare in the United States, and the impact Medicare for All would have for people who need it. Our guests today are Dr. Beverly Smith, President of the American Mental Health Counselors Association a...


 2021-10-15  37m

episode 42: The Unseen Dental Crisis of Seniors

The American Dental Association (ADA) - the largest association of dental professionals in the country - are fighting against the proposal to add dental benefits to Medicare. We talk about the politics of ADA opposition to healthcare,


 2021-10-01  39m

episode 41: Are There “Multiple Pathways” to Universal Healthcare? Evidence from Europe

Are the German and Dutch health insurance systems really private? What would it actually take to transition to a social insurance model? Once and for all, we debunk the myth that we can "build on the current public-private healthcare system" to achieve...


 2021-09-19  46m

episode 40: Drug Advertising: How to Make a Killing

With the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine receiving full approval from the FDA, and Moderna shortly behind, prepare for an unprecedented wave of drug advertising! This could have a positive impact with regards to vaccination rates,


 2021-09-05  27m

episode 36: Do Marches and Rallies Work?

We’re joined by L.A. Kauffman, author of How to Read a Protest: the Art of Organizing and Resistance. L.A. Kauffman was the mobilizing coordinator for some of the largest demonstrations in U.S. history -- the massive Iraq antiwar protests of 2003 and 2...


 2021-07-02  43m

Did Big Pharma or Governments Invent the COVID Vaccines?

Stephanie and Ben discuss who developed the vaccine; who is profiting from it; and the fight for global vaccine equity on this episode with guests David Mitchell of Patients for Affordable Drugs and Andrew Goldstein,


 2021-06-18  16m

Pharma’s Image Gets a Boost from COVID-19

62% of people now have a positive opinion of drug companies, up from 32% in 2020. What's responsible for the sudden shift, and do pharmaceutical companies deserve this newfound adoration? We're joined by Shannon Rotolo,


 2021-06-07  32m

episode 33: Mailbag Episode: Listeners interview us

In our inaugural mailbag episode, Rose Roach - Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses - joins us to answer your questions about how Medicare for All would save money and impact rural hospitals, how to answer to pushback on cost,


 2021-05-22  43m

episode 32: Biden's 1st 100 Days on Healthcare

We discuss Biden’s American Families Plan proposal, which Biden unveiled in his first State of the Union address last week (spoiler: it’s rather underwhelming) and the industry lobbying that made it happen.


 2021-05-07  33m

episode 31: The Koch Brothers: Behind New Strategy Against M4A?

We talk with Ben Palmquist from Partners for Dignity & Rights about a new anti-single payer bill in the Florida state legislature that would require a two-thirds supermajority to pass a single payer bill in the state.


 2021-04-23  28m