Medicare for All

Benjamin Day and Stephanie Nakajima of Healthcare-NOW break down everything you need to know about the social movement to make healthcare a right in the United States. Medicare for All!

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episode 65: Peticare for All!

Any regular listeners of the podcast won’t be surprised to hear that Gen Xers and Millennials are going into debt for healthcare… but what if we told you that this time it’s for their pets! More Americans are spending more money on healthcare for their...



episode 64: Political Malpractice & the Rise of Dr. Oz

Today we’re checking in on the ongoing Pennsylvania Senate race, where Medicare for All–along with crudites, poop tweets, hydroxychloroquine, and Turkish nationalism–has become a hot-button issue. This race is beyond interesting,



episode 63: The Hope Reduction Act

Ben discusses the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which was signed into law by President Biden this past week! In last-minute negotiations between Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin, the Senate finally - after comical failures over and over this past ye...


 2022-08-21  33m

episode 62: My Big Fat American Healthcare System

Noted public health expert Lizzo teaches us that “thick thighs save lives,” but for many of us, being fat is killing us – and not for the reasons you might expect. Today we’re talking about our healthcare system’s impact on fat folks AND how miscon...


 2022-07-23  44m

episode 61: SiCKO: the 15 Year Reunion

In spring of 2007, Michael Moore released a blockbuster documentary showing the extraordinary damage the U.S. healthcare system inflicts upon ordinary Americans. Story by story, SiCKO pulled back the veil of how ordinary illness and injury,


 2022-07-08  55m

episode 60: Seniors for Sale! Show Notes Today we venture into the bizarro world of Medicare (the program serving those 65 and older as well as some people with disabilities) to explore the largest Medicare rate hike in his...


 2022-06-23  42m

episode 59: Livin’ On a Prayer: Health Care Sharing Ministries

Today we look at the somehow-legal world of healthcare sharing ministries, a form of health coverage where like-minded religious folks share health care costs. After a series of lawsuits and scandals, these companies are in the news again recently.


 2022-06-10  33m

episode 58: Keep Your Hands Off Our Fucking Bodies: Why Reproductive Justice Must Be Part of Medicare for All

There's some adult language in this episode, so might not be appropriate for our youngest M4A advocates. The recent leak of what is likely to be the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has us enraged about the future of abortion and he...


 2022-05-26  40m

episode 57: Gen Z Healthcare is Trash...No Cap!

Did you recently turn 26? Get kicked off your parents’ insurance? Have you been scrolling through your state’s healthcare exchange website, wondering if it would just be cheaper to crawl into a hole and die? Have we got the episode for you!


 2022-05-12  39m

episode 56: Blowing Up the Ambulance Industry

Today we’re taking about ambulances and the ambulance industry! We know this topic is important because Michael Bay recently released an action movie called… “Ambulance.” This is the director who brings you about 90% of big-budget Hollywood films where...


 2022-04-28  44m