Medicare for All

Benjamin Day and Stephanie Nakajima of Healthcare-NOW break down everything you need to know about the social movement to make healthcare a right in the United States. Medicare for All!

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episode 56: Blowing Up the Ambulance Industry

Today we’re taking about ambulances and the ambulance industry! We know this topic is important because Michael Bay recently released an action movie called… “Ambulance.” This is the director who brings you about 90% of big-budget Hollywood films where...


 2022-04-28  44m

episode 55: United We SCAM

26.5 million Americans are insured by UnitedHealth Group, making it the largest insurance company in the U.S. with a whopping 14.4% market share and $287 billion in revenue last year - that’s more than the total income of most countries in Europe!


 2022-04-15  30m

episode 54: Everything You Wanted to Know About Medicare For All with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

Today Ben interviews Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, physician, epidemiologist, professor, former executive director of the Detroit Health Department, and candidate for Governor of Michigan. Dr. El-Sayed is also the author of several books and publications,


 2022-04-01  26m

episode 53: Mailbag Episode! Spilling the Tea with Ben and Gillian

Mailbag Episode! Spilling the Tea with Ben and Gillian This week Ben and Gillian take questions from YOU, our listeners, and Medicare for All activists around the country. We got some really great questions submitted over the past week,


 2022-03-21  51m

episode 52: The War on Veterans' Healthcare

We’re witnessing the largest war in Europe since World War II, as Russia invades Ukraine. At the moment, U.S. troops are not directly involved in the conflict, but it has got us thinking about the healthcare that military personnel receive,


 2022-03-03  29m

episode 51: Billed at Birth: Maternal Healthcare

This Valentine's Day, we're showing some love for moms and other folks who have given birth by talking about one of the most important but least-discussed aspects of our current healthcare system: maternal healthcare.


 2022-02-16  53m

episode 50: Shark Tank for Your Health

Heads up, there's a lot of swears in this one. Well-justified swears, we think, but if you have younger listeners nearby, you might want to put on your headphones. Just this past week, billionaire Mark Cuban launched a new healthcare service called...


 2022-02-04  27m

episode 49: Keep Your Corporate Hands Off Our Medicare!

“Direct contracting" is the latest in a long line of insidious tactics pushing Medicare towards privatization. Today we’re chatting with Dr. Claire Cohen, MD from Physicians for a National Health Program about direct contracting entities: what they are...


 2022-01-21  40m

episode 48: Anatomy of an Organizing Victory, with National Nurses United

Today we’re celebrating a win! We’re talking to organizers and leaders at National Nurses United (NNU),who recently ran a very impactful campaign to get Representative John Garamendi from California to commit to being a co-sponsor for the Medicare for ...


 2021-12-23  42m

episode 47: Build Back Better & Healthcare for the Homeless

This week, we’re teaming up with the Poverty Policy Podcast and the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council for a crossover episode! We discuss the Build Back Better bill and weigh its potential impact on individuals experiencing poverty and house...


 2021-12-08  45m