Mental Illness Happy Hour

"A perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their fears, addictions and traumatic childhoods." - NY Times "Normalizes what so many others feel but have been too fearful or ashamed to express...remarkable" - Psychology Today "A vital, compassionate gem that fills a desperate and under-addressed need in our society." - Esquire "Gilmartin makes a conscious effort to explore stories that aren’t black and white" - Slate Magazine "Praised by listeners all over the world" - Atlantic Monthly

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Episode 54: Meghan P

Hear what happened when this listener, a popular Wisconsin farm girl moved to the big city and crippling anxiety set in.  Now throw in her discovering she's a lesbian and her mother's dislike of gays.   Sounds like the recipe for a...


 2012-03-30  1h25m

Episode 52: Sexually Inappropriate Parents (w/Barbara & Steve)

Incestuous or inappropriate behavior by parents isn't always easy to define.   Paul's friend "Barbara" and her boyfriend "Steve" (both using pseudomnyms) talk about their childhoods and the issues they struggle with especially using sex for power...


 2012-03-16  1h4m

Episode 51: Kristine Keese

The Holocaust survivor, mother, teacher and activist reflects on her coping mechanisms, her ability to find joy, feelings unique to motherhood, her childhood in Nazi occupied Warsaw as a Jewish 7 year-old, and the special bond she forged with her...


 2012-03-09  1h56m

Episode 50: Steve Agee

The comic actor (The Sara Silverman Program) and writer (Jimmy Kimmel) talks to Paul about his conservative upbringing, the teenage rebellion that landed him in military school, his agorophobia and the odd manifestation of his panic attacks. 


 2012-03-02  1h24m

Episode 49: Nikki Glaser

The standup comedian (Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show) and podcaster (You Had to Be There) opens up about hitting bottom with anorexia as a teen, only to discover ten years later, her food issues haven't disappeared.  She and Paul talk...


 2012-02-24  1h25m

Episode 48: Jesse Perez

The former East L.A. gang member has been dodging bullets for years - sometimes literally sometimes figuratively.  Though he walked away from his criminal ways years ago, he opens up about the mindset that made that life seem like a good choice,...


 2012-02-17  1h25m

Episode 47: Ru

Paul's friend Ru stops by to talk about the deep-rooted fear she has of men abandoning her.   From her absentee Air Force dad to her broken poet boyfriend living in a storage shelter, she reveals the painful choices she has made to try to get men...


 2012-02-10  1h21m

Episode 46: Mark T

The actor/singer/comedian is best known for performing musical comedy with Stephen Lynch, most notably selling out Carnegie Hall in 2009.   What most people don't know is that Mark was diagnosed at age eleven with scleroderma, a crippling, often...


 2012-02-03  1h44m

Episode 45: Ronnie Schiller

She was named Ronnie at birth by her bipolar mother who cared so little, she chose the name of the baby's father.   It goes downhill from there.   Though her story is incredibly dark, it's ultimately one of incredible resilience, humor and...


 2012-01-28  1h51m

Episode 44: Mike Schmidt

The writer, stand-up and pocaster (The 40 Year-Old Boy Podcast) and Paul get into the ins and outs of rage and its tempting oblivion, Mike's weight battles (he tipped the scales at 505 lbs at one point), his Dad issues (Mom described him as a Monster)...


 2012-01-20  1h39m