Mercury's Wake

Welcome to the fictional metaverse of Mercury’s Wake where the paranormal, alien encounters, parallel universes, quantum jumping, and karmic destiny can’t hold a candle to real life. Seven strangers cross paths en route to a tragic and unforeseen event, following in the metaphysical wake of an accidental astronaut (John K Mercury) en route to Mars in the bestselling book, JOHN K.   Mercury’s Wake is a story about people, like all of us, in a game of chance, a.k.a., life. And where better play the odds than in the world-famous Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada? It’s a long weekend that takes us to far-flung places, mixing the absurd with comedy and tragedy in a story that tells the before-and-after of an unforeseen event.   "Mercury's Wake is aural cinema that has a stickiness of a soap opera on steroids. Part fantasy, part science fiction, romance and comedy. Stay with it. Get to know people." The Orbital Universe Mercury's Wake – where sci-fi is yesterday's news when you already live in dystopia

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Silenced Voices - The Book of Imani 1

Bonus - Histories - The book of Imani 1

I'm not like my parents. I'm reckless. What did I like about Mar©o? I have no idea.

Following a bereavement and the breakdown of her relationship, Imani's life takes a new turn...




Welcome to the metaverse of Mercury’s Wake (the podcast)* where the paranormal, alien encounters, parallel universes, quantum jumping, and karmic destiny can’t hold a candle to real life.



episode 2: You have one new message - The Book of Imani

Episode 2

As I turned back to my mother, I noticed a book on her bed table. Funny, I hadn't seen it there before. It had a holographic image of the Earth for its cover with the title JOHN K.

Imani joins Geoff in London for a unique theater opportunity, only to be set back by the pandemic. But that’s not the only setback. When she emerges from the London Tube at Regent Street, Imani receives a phone message from America and learns that her mother is dying...



episode 7: Room Service

Episode 7

The end of Day 1.

Bozzy bumps into familiar and unfamiliar faces while on Room Service delivery. There's a unique story behind every door, the least of which is an undecided fate...



episode 6: Vegas is for opportunists - The Book of Rhea

Episode 6

Rhea Quackenheimer is hounded by what she hasn't lived, meanwhile contemplating suicide, experiencing near-death and rediscovering herself in Las Vegas...



episode 5: What Drama May Come - The Book of Bozzy

Episode 5

Bozzy continues his conversation with Imani and thereafter walks into the universe of Caesars Palace where the things feel just a little "off"


  • Bozzy – Jonathan Medina
  • Imani – Gwyn Mackenzie
  • Bartender – Aidan Moravec
  • The Invisible – Daniel Morin
  • Stage Manager – Benno Ressa
  • Sadie – Dawn Cantwell
  • Mindi – Mia Michaud
  • Rhea – Julia Fulton

Mercury’s Wake ©SVlahos...


 2022-04-19  23m

episode 4: That's mine, by the way - The Book of Bozzy

Episode 4

She was stand-in' in the doorway.

Southerner and luck-junky, Bozzy O'Reilly hightails it to Vegas for a walk on the other side of an alien planet – Las Vegas where he bumps into a few aliens, not to mention, Imani Cosmos...


 2022-04-03  27m

episode 3: Trust me, it'll all just get weirder - The Book of Imani

Episode 3

I took the red eye from New York to LA, hoping Jeff and I might start fresh, that things might be different. 

Imani's story becomes the latest in a long line of tales about the perils of Hollywood...


 2022-03-06  30m
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