Mercury's Wake

Welcome to Vegas and a very long weekend, that is to say, welcome to the fictional metaverse of Mercury’s Wake where the paranormal, alien encounters, parallel universes, quantum jumping, and karmic destiny can’t hold a candle to the gamble of real life – a podcast that has a stickiness of a comedic-sci-fi soap opera on steroids, telling the before-and-after of an unforeseen tragedy.

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episode 7: You have one new message - The Book of Imani

Bonus Track

As I turned back to my mother, I noticed a book on her bed table. Funny, I hadn't seen it there before. It had a holographic image of the Earth for its cover with the title JOHN K.

Imani joins Geoff in London for a unique theater opportunity, only to be set back by the pandemic. But that’s not the only setback. When she emerges from the London Tube at Regent Street, Imani receives a phone message from America and learns that her mother is dying...



episode 6: Mercury's Wake:: Histories and Premonitions

Mercury's Wake: Histories and Premonitions

The Lamentable Story of Imani Cosmos

Following bereavements and breakdowns, Imani begins to heed the unseen...



episode 5: Room Service

Episode 5

The end of Day 1, or is it the end?

We follow Bozzy on a less-than-ordinary night of room service.  Rushing in to work, Bozzy is greeted by Danny, the kitchen manager, who tasks Bozzy with a number of deliveries, the least of which are a delivery to a sexy woman in room 1612 and a mafioso with a yen for cannolis and Pernod.

Bozzy delivers to room 1612 where he is, sure enough, greeted by a naked woman...



episode 3: What Drama May Come - The Book of Bozzy

Episode 3

Bozzy and Imani might believe the pop-up Keno room is a figment of their imaginations, but they have no intention of leaving, at least until Bozzy has to work. The two share in the wisdom of JOHN K and Imani tells a story she rarely shares about a Swami.

The conversation is interrupted by a text request from a fellow bartender asking Bozzy to fill in at Cleopatra’s Barge...



episode 1: Trust me, it'll all just get weirder - The Book of Imani

Episode 1

Fresh from her sorrows, Imani joins Geoff on an LA carpet ride as Geoff's star rises courtesy of the book JOHN K.

Becoming more Hollywood by the moment, Geoff loses sight of anything that matters while Imani realizes there’s nothing for her in Hollywood.

Next stop: Vegas where stuff just gets weirder while Imani evaluates her life, moving from the absurd to the absurd, between dream and the dreamscape of Caesars...



Before Chaos - Intro

Welcome to the metaverse of Mercury’s Wake (the podcast)* where the paranormal, alien encounters, parallel universes, quantum jumping, and karmic destiny can’t hold a candle to real life.



episode 4: Vegas is for opportunists - The Book of Rhea

Episode 4

Rhea Quackenheimer LLM is lost in the Caesars Palace casino and riddled with neurotic reflections on herself and her life, all of which are amplified by a tragic game at a Craps table.

Eager to exit the Craps game, she collides with Imani. When Rhea gets back to her villa, she opens the book JOHN K for the first time. The book was given her by her client, DJ-gone-crooner Weirdo Cool...


 2022-04-24  27m

episode 4: That's mine, by the way - The Book of Bozzy

Episode 4

She was stand-in' in the doorway.

Southerner and luck-junky, Bozzy O'Reilly hightails it to Vegas for a walk on the other side of an alien planet – Las Vegas where he bumps into a few aliens, not to mention, Imani Cosmos...


 2022-04-03  27m
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