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Metal Geeks Podcast gets geeky with discussions on metal, comics, video games, tv, movies and other Geekery. Our long running Heavy Metal Podcast, MSRcast will melt your face with killer Metal and discussion! Rock Out With Your Geek Out!

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episode 246: MSRcast 246: Dawn of the Metal

Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon are joined by longtime friend and contributor, Justin Corbett from the Mindfudge Comedy Podcast. We play some killer new releases, pay tribute to Riley Gale, talk about some bands that have no original member...



episode 187: Metal Geeks 187: Horrified Geekery

It's time to get all spooky on this episode of Metal Geeks Podcast, as Cary the Metal Geek, Brutal Dave, George, and Justin convene to discuss all the horror films that Cary the Metal Geek should watch this Halloween season.  Other topics include: Ayreon...



episode 540: MSRcast 245: Let There Be Metal

We return to our normal format of MSRcast as Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon dive deep into some brand new releases including Thurisaz, Falconer, Warkings, Judicator, Eshtadur, and more, and we travel back 34 years for a little Megadeth. Ke...



episode 186: Metal Geeks 186: Late To The Geekery

Joining in the discussion this week with Cary the Metal Geek and George is long time recurring guest Justin from Mindfudge Comedy Podcast. We are late to the party as we discuss all the news from the DC Fandome event.  Other topics include Marvels Avenge...


 2020-09-20  1h54m

episode 244: MSRcast 244:15 Year Anniversary

Welcome to our monstrous 15 Year Anniversary episode of the MSRcast podcast! We can’t believe we have been doing it for 15 Years, yet here it is! A big thanks to current cohost Sean the Metal Pigeon, Papa Josh(aka Cryptos) who is our original cohost, and...


 2020-09-07  3h28m

episode 185: Metal Geeks 185: Most Triumphant Geekery

You guys ready for our most triumphant review and discussion of Bill and Ted Face the Music? Be excellent to each other, and Party On, Dudes!  Other topics include: Cobra Kai, Out Buddies DX, Tony Hawk 1+2, Battletoads, Arrested Development, Lovecraft Co...


 2020-09-02  1h15m

episode 184: Metal Geeks 184: Masters of Geekery

The Metal Geeks crew become masters of this episode. Topics include: discussion about Spotify and Bandcamp, and how you can support your favorite artists, High Score documentary, Masters of None, Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny In...


 2020-08-23  1h44m

episode 245: MSRcast 243: Interview with Wills Dissolve

Join us for a special interview episode with guitarists Nick Block and Andrew Caruana from Houston's own Wills Dissolve! Topics include the brand new album Echoes, cosmic horror, gear, history of the band, Hypnotic Dirge Records, and much more! Keep it m...


 2020-08-16  2h53m

episode 183: Metal Geeks 183: 8 Year Anniversary Geekery

Holy 8th anniversary, Batman! Joining your hosts, Cary the Metal Geek, Brutal Dave and George are recurring guest host, Justin from Comical Podcast, and making a triumphant return to the Metal Geeks microphone is JM Metal Geek, original co-host of this s...


 2020-08-03  2h13m

episode 242: MSRcast 242: 1995 Rewind

Join us for a specialty episode as we jump in the wayback machine and visit the year 1995! Joining Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon for our journey is former Mainstream Resistance editor, and musician, Mark Clausen. Listen in as we discuss t...


 2020-08-01  2h52m