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      Across the Universe Presents: Tapping Into the Angelic Realm with Oracle Cards

      Award winning author, Margaret Ann Lembo, joins us once again to talk about her card decks, The Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards, and The Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards. Learn about the 44 gemstones associated with the angels and the angelic messages that help you increase your awareness and transform your reality.  

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       2016-07-26  1h1m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue w/Divinity: Business Of Being A Spiritual Counsel PT2

      In today's edition, Johanna will be joined by Naomi Soddamen to discuss your intentions of being a spirirual counselor, and how important "integrigrity" plays in running a successful role a in life-changing couseling business.   There are some people who simply do this for the money, but these are the people you should "avoid"!  Spiritual counseling is a very serious business which includes karmic repercussions... This session will guide you, and help you "define" your "mission" in helping o...


       2016-06-05  1h3m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue w/Divinity: The Business Of A Spiritual Counselor

      In this unique and informative session Johanna will be discussing the many Ins-and-Outs of being in business as a spiritual counselor.  Whether you're a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, or Numerologist in business, or looking to make a career change into the business. Johanna will share some invaluable information drawing from her experience of over 30 years. Johanna has distinguished herself over the years here at MTR, and has set the "benchmark" regarding the quality of metaphysical and...


       2016-04-23  1h2m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/ Divinity: All About Love 2016!

      In this "Post-Valentines-Day" edition of our show, Johanna will be teaching on the "Sanctuary Of Divine Love" and what it means to you in your intimate relationships. Than, Johanna will be taking your calls to answer your "love" relationship questions for you.  These shows have been extremely successful and impactful each year, and look forward to being of help to you again. So, if your looking for answers to some of your most complex love-relationship questions, than Dialogue W/ Divinity ...


       2016-02-20  1h30m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/ Divinity: Setting Your Spiritual Goals For 2016!

      As a result of the demand from our previous live show in December, Johanna will be continueing her 2016 readings for you in this edition. So, get a head start with a personal reading on your spiritual intentions for 2016 during this exciting and very fulfilling broadcast! Johanna will also be providing some key and essential teachings that will help you get the new year off to a "running-start" So don't miss out!  Be sure to join us for yet another intriguing and powerful session...


       2016-01-16  1h32m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: 2015 Review & A Look Ahead To 2016....

      Join us for our year-ending session where Johanna will detail the Metaphysical and Spiritual significants of 2015, and give us some predictions for the year 2016. We will also be taking your calls where Johanna can give you a personal reading of what you can expect for the upcoming new year. This will be our third year ending program, and rest assurdly these shows have been rated as most favorable among our listeners. So, DON'T MISS OUT! Be sure to join us for this year ending exciting p...


       2015-12-19  1h32m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: Thriving In The Holiday Season!

      In this show we will focus on how to thrive during the holiday season.  As you well know, the holidays can cause a lot of stress emotionally, mentally and physically.  Join Johanna for this lively discussion to help you rise above the holiday chaos. A lot of things can potentially go wrong during this time of year, and it always wise to be prepared to "Thrive" and not just survive.  It all begins with the right approach, and capturing the true essence of the joy this season has to off...


       2015-11-21  1h2m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity The Joys Of Living A Spiritual Single Life

      In this show we will focus on how to live an exceptional single life with your spiritual glasses on! With the advent of social media now becoming a tool in the dating arena, things can get started real-fast... Things can also end rather quickly in a train-wreck. Is this the future of what single living will look like? NO! We don't think so.... Living a single life can be exciting and spiritual when you view your life from the perspective of wholeness rather than emptiness.  Join Johanna ...


       2015-10-24  1h32m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: Metaphysics and Men...

      In this edition Johanna will discuss the contrast between men and women when it comes to the subject of "Metaphysics". Are woman more receptive to matters regarding their spirituality, whereas men are preoccupied with other pursuits? Is there a contrast on how men and woman view areas of the Metaphysical and spirituality? Believe it or not (and some of you may be well aware), Metaphysics has played a significant role on the lives of some very prominient men who were very successful....


       2015-07-25  1h4m

      Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: The Goddess Temples Of Malta

      In this momentus edition, Johanna recaps her trip to the Island of Malta. Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, including the seven Megalithic Temples, which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. These prehistoric structures are referred to by some as the Goddess Temples, and are known to be one of the world's most sacred and mystical sites. You'll want to hear Johanna s...


       2015-06-27  1h31m