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episode 14: MGoRadio 8.13: The Class From France, FRA

And you know A&M is going to need to sign a lot of linebackers.


 2022-12-21  1h59m

episode 370: The Michigan HockeyCast 5.11: A Family Affair

Final Scores:  Friday - (Michigan St. 2, Michigan 1)  Saturday - (Michigan 2, Michigan St. 1)  Episode Notes [NOTE: This recaps the MSU series from the previous weekend. This episode was delayed a week due to travel circumstances. Content is the same...


 2022-12-20  1h29m

episode 18: WTKTA Roundtable 12/15/2022: Craig’s Inner Devin Gardner

But that’s an analysis that’s generally true when two football teams are playing like football teams, and one of them is not on a meth bender.


 2022-12-15  52m

episode 369: WTKA Roundtable 12/8/2022: Old Man Yells at Cloud

I’ve got bad news about meteorology


 2022-12-08  50m

episode 368: Michigan HockeyCast 5.10: Badgers, Mushrooms, Too Many Snakes

Final Scores: Friday - (Wisconsin 6, Michigan 3) Saturday - (Michigan 4, Wisconsin 2)   Episode Notes With David Nasternak and Alex Drain This Podcast Has a Sponsor: Michigan Law Grad Jonathan Paul is the guy with the C you want skating next to the r...


 2022-12-07  1h25m

episode 17: MGoPodcast 14.14: We Go to Bob in Seattle

They’ll have to change their name to the Purdue Inceptions.


 2022-12-05  1h52m

episode 13: MGoRadio 8.12: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

These guys are definitely here. They are present, they exist.


 2022-12-03  1h19m

episode 16: WTKA Roundtable 12/1/2022: Too Soft and Too Aggressive

If they sit back they’re too soft and Michigan runs for 8 YPC. If they blow up the line they’re too aggressive and Michigan runs for 8 YPC. Maybe the problem


 2022-12-01  53m

episode 9: Michigan HockeyCast 5.9: The Michigan of the East

Final Scores: Friday - (Michigan 4, Harvard 4) Saturday - (Michigan 4, Harvard 1)


 2022-11-29  1h26m

episode 16: MGoPodcast 14.13: The Football Guys

”More like a global Fundemic!”


 2022-11-28  3h11m