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episode 365: MGoPodcast 13.11: Frames-Off III: The Reframing

1 hour and 32`minutes The Sponsors Thank you to Underground Printing for making this all possible. Rishi and Ryan have been our biggest supporters from the beginning. Check out their wide selection of officially licensed Michigan fan gear at their 3 stor...



episode 10: MGoRadio 7.9 Marshmallows and Toilet Paper

The problem with that idea is emus haven‘t historically performed that well at Michigan Stadium.



episode 11: WTKA Roundtable 11/11/2021: They Didn’t Disappoint

We don’t need any S.R.s or Mensheviks, Craig. The revolution’s happening.



episode 6: The Michigan Hockeycast 4.6: Birthday Boy Bonanza

Brian needs to put cows in his backyard



episode 13: MGoPodcast 13.10: Sorry It‘s Going in the Face

I feel like I‘ve been disrespected all day and now I just want to slap someone‘s face with a leather glove and have a duel.



episode 9: MGoRadio 7.8: Migraines in Headspace

The hair‘s going to translate



episode 10: WTKA Roundtable 11/4/2021: The Voice of the Jackal

Coaches are professionals who do this 100+ hours a week. Players are professionals who do this 100+ hours a week. We’re professionals who do this 100+ hours a week. Why do we have officials, who are part of the game, just doing it on the weekend?



episode 5: The Michigan Hockeycast 4.5: Badger Mood Swings

A lot of times you win the game when your opponent puts up a 71% save percentage


 2021-11-02  1h5m

episode 12: MGoPodcast 13.9: The Gods Demand Couches

Not enough to get you fired, not enough to make you happy.


 2021-11-01  1h26m

episode 8: MGoRadio 7.7: Bend Don‘t Break

Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to Michigan fan pessimism and Michigan State fan insanity.


 2021-10-30  59m