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episode 5: The Ace Pod 3.4: Big Man

I might fight you about that but we’ll save it for after the podcast.


 2020-11-26  58m

episode 5: The Michigan Hockeycast 3.5: The Red Mound of Lettuce

"It's a little like fumbling the ball and not trying to recover it."


 2020-12-08  56m

episode 6: The Ace Pod 3.5: No Connection

It’s like letting a dog out in the backyard for a while.


 2020-12-09  1h1m

episode 7: The Ace Pod 3.6: Banking on a Myth

You’re going through a coaching change. By definition, it’s going to look bad.


 2020-12-18  1h41m

episode 8: The Ace Pod 3.7: Tick, Tick

Oh, the three is for linebackers. Interesting.


 2021-01-06  1h5m

episode 8: The Michigan Hockeycast 3.8: You Didn’t Just Say That Thing

You don’t just let Nik Stauskas shoot.


 2021-01-13  51m

episode 9: The Ace Pod 3.8: Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

That’s a tough verb conjugation there, Dan.


 2021-01-14  1h6m

episode 9: The Michigan Hockeycast 3.9: Lions Already Did It

Scoring first is recommended.


 2021-01-19  45m

episode 10: The Ace Pod 3.9: Glad and Sorry

That’s a good thing for a coach to be is with the program in a physical, real way. Literally, just be there. It’s good.


 2021-01-22  1h22m

episode 10: The Michigan Hockeycast 3.10: What Happens in Bowling Green

You probably should check to see if you are Dominick Hasek before attempting the Dominick Hasek move.


 2021-01-26  53m