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episode 1: MGoRadio 6.0: Unsexy Jug Tales

Preview wrap, history of the Brown Jug wsg Greg Dooley, and the Minnesota preview.


 2020-10-24  1h25m

episode 2: MGoRadio 6.1: School Down the Road State

Like the people in your replies who are like wugga wugga wugga, I don't know what it is.


 2020-10-30  1h26m

episode 3: MGoRadio 6.2: I Brake for Jake

À bout de souffle, that sort of thing. Lots of Jean-Paul Belmondo.


 2020-11-07  1h36m

episode 4: MGoRadio 6.3: The Block Heard Round the World

Thank you to our special guests today: Michigan legend Fritz Seyferth, and Matty D from Endless Motor


 2020-11-14  1h15m

episode 5: MGoRadio 6.4: Well Ma'am Here's Your Problem

Do you polka? You look like you polka.


 2020-11-21  1h4m

episode 7: WTKA Roundtable 10/29/2020: Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony

Man it was coherent. This is how it's supposed to look!


 2020-10-29  47m

episode 8: MGoRadio 6.7: A Defensive Tackle Version of Mike Danna

Thanks for covering football in 2020, Brian.


 2020-12-17  1h18m

episode 9: WTKA Roundtable 11/12/2020: A Gym, A Room, and Some Food

The difference with Diabate is he's low-maintenance.


 2020-11-12  50m

episode 9: MGoRadio 6.8: Shaka Grew Out His Hair

If you lose a play-in game, were you really in?


 2021-03-15  1h33m

episode 10: WTKA Roundtable 11/19/2020: Right That's Gonna Fix It

I was going to say Lou Gehrig but you went for that reference.


 2020-11-19  51m