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episode 32: WTKA Roundtable 5/13/2021: Statue, Icon, or Bust

I had a grandfather; I know what those people are like—they’re not all like Craig, right?


 2021-05-13  54m

episode 33: WTKA Roundtable 5/20/2021: You Already Have All the Curses

Was Erik Campbell next if Dan turned them down?


 2021-05-20  1h5m

episode 35: WTKA Roundtable 6/3/2021: The Magic of Detroit Day

Both teams played hard.


 2021-06-03  52m

episode 36: WTKA Roundtable 6/10/2021: A Sign of Appreciation

Trimble is the guy we want; if we have to settle for Bradley, okay.


 2021-06-10  52m

episode 37: WTKA Roundtable 6/17/2021: Only a Mirage on the Horizon

The line in the sand has gone up way high, but I didn’t watch any Jalen Duren


 2021-06-17  56m

episode 39: WTKA Roundtable 7/1/2021: They Call Him Tecatito

I don’t have to listen to crazy people, except for Craig.


 2021-07-01  54m

episode 40: WTKA Roundtable 7/8/2021: No More Ululating

And furthermore LSU must be destroyed.


 2021-07-08  47m

episode 41: WTKA Roundtable 7/15/2021: Who Gets the Ring?

There must be a maple syrup company in Michigan, and you could have Sapp’s syrup.


 2021-07-15  48m

episode 44: WTKA Roundtable 8/5/2021: Old Jed’s a Millionaire

You always take a call from a desperate man.


 2021-08-05  52m

episode 44: WTKA Roundtable 8/12/2021: Hashtag Buckeye Problems

The fourth guy can come here and we’ve got a nice Lulu Lemon contract.


 2021-08-12  50m