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Linda Kreter presents Military Network Radio to bring you dynamic interviews each week and fresh information of value to enhance and improve your outlook and actions as a member of the military or veteran community, their families and those who care about them. Everyone serves and together we make a difference.

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Veteran-Warriors: Champions for the VA Caregiver Program

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with veteran Les Davis welcome Veteran Warriors Executive Director, Navy veteran Lauren Price today. With thousands of case reviews, appeal reviews, and top-level contacts, Veteran Warriors, with the assistance of NVLSP (National Veterans Legal Services Program), and Sidley Austin, LLP, with fellow petitioners Andrew and Kristi Sheets is taking the VA to court...


 2020-12-10  57m

Warriors Heart - Healing Frontline Warriors

Linda Kreter and Les Davis presents Former Special Forces co-founder Tom Spooner today to discuss Warriors Heart, a 543-acre ranch outside San Antonio TX that reaches past the stigma of warriors seeking help. Warriors Heart is the first and only accredited treatment program in the United States for “warriors only” that helps those struggling with PTS, drug addiction, and alcohol/substance abuse. Family support, camaraderie, purpose, and mission makes this a key organization to help warriors...


 2020-12-01  57m

40 Thieves of Saipan Platoon - A Tale of Courage

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with guest and author Joseph Tacovsky his father’s USMC platoon, known as the 40 Thieves of Saipan. This group of WWII intrepid special ops platoon were deployed quietly, but effectively to Iceland, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, and Korea. Joseph put together a puzzle of memories gained from survivors and the documents found in his father’s footlocker after his death...


 2020-11-23  57m

Agent Orange - Sprayed and Betrayed

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents Army veteran Gerry Wright and the significance of Agent Orange support needed today. When Admiral Zumwalt authorized the use of Agent Orange, the full extent of the dangers of exposure to this defoliant was unknown...


 2020-09-08  42m

Hot! Part 2: Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

The American P&I Club and WiseHealth present the second of two mini-series on heat related illness. Guest, Lt Commander (USNR) Danielle Centeno, and Asst. Vice President of the American P&I Club and Linda Kreter of WiseHealth discuss Heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The more serious progression to heat exhaustion and heatstroke follow exposure to hot environments, indoors or outdoors. Be aware, learn the warning signs, and communicate with others to avoid and prevent heatstroke...


 2020-07-07  14m

Hot! Part 1: Heat-Related Illness & Prevention

The American P&I Club and WiseHealth present the first of a short mini-series on heat related illness. Guest Danielle Centeno, Asst. Vice President of the American P&I Club, and Linda Kreter, of WiseHealth discuss the importance of heat-related illness awareness. Working in hot environments, whether in an engine room aboard ship or outdoors in the many parts of the globe means prevention, hydration, awareness, communication, and precautions...


 2020-07-07  17m

Marijuana Research - Especially in Youth Use

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents guest and author Alex Berenson. Alex has done extensive research about the use of marijuana amid the widespread growth of legislative easing. His new book, “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” takes no political stance. Cannabis use is a personal choice, and he shares strictly the science, research, outcomes, and patterns of cannabis use...


 2020-06-21  57m

Operation First Response

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio with co-host Les Davis talk to Operation First Response. Our guests are Peggy Baker, executive director, and veteran Tony Porta (medically retired). Hear how this strong grassroots organization responds rapidly, with proactive outreach to service members before separation, immediate support for financial assistance, and supports veterans of every era. Partnerships address challenging needs and ongoing support is key...


 2020-06-07  57m

Hearing Loss - #1 Veteran Injury

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents "More on Hearing Loss" and why it matters. Guests Ross Meglathery of Paralyzed Vets of America and Barbara Kelly, Executive Director of the American Hearing Association join us today to discuss the vital ways that this most common of all veteran injuries affects every aspect of a veteran's life -- and their families. Learn about new options, solutions, and prevention. Everyone serves and together we make a difference...


 2020-05-31  59m

Lutz Live To Tell Foundation

Linda Kreter and Military Network Radio presents Janine Lutz, and the Lutz Live to Tell Foundation. Janine Lutz started a nonprofit to help troubled veterans and their families, after her own son, who was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, committed suicide. He was in distress, under care, but Janine knew there was a better way to help our soldiers returning from war. More at and on iTunes. Everyone serves and together we make a difference.


 2020-04-26  57m