Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

We created this podcast in recognition that there are a number of podcasts for the American “left,” but many of them focus heavily on the organizing of social democrats, progressives, and liberal democrats. Aside from that, on the left we are always fighting a war of ideas and if we do not continue to build platforms to share those ideas and the stories of their implementation from a leftist perspective, they will continue to be ignored, misrepresented, and dismissed by the capitalist media and as a result by the general public. Our goal is to provide a platform for communists, anti-imperialists, Black Liberation movements, ancoms, left libertarians, LBGTQ activists, feminists, immigration activists, and abolitionists to discuss radical politics, radical organizing and share their visions for a better world. Our goal is to center organizers who represent and work with marginalized communities building survival programs, defense programs, political education, and counterpower. We also plan to bring in perspectives on and from the global south to highlight anti-capitalist struggles outside the imperial core...

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episode 258: “The Cauldron of People in a Room Together” - Easily Slip Into Another World with Henry Threadgill & Brent Hayes Edwards

In this episode we speak to Pulitzer Prize winning composer and musician Henry Threadgill and the co-author of his autobiography Brent Hayes Edwards. The book we discuss, which was published last year is entitled . Henry Threadgill was born in Chicago...



episode 257: “A Model for Socialist Construction” - Chris Gilbert’s Commune or Nothing! Venezuela’s Communal Movement and Its Socialist Project

In this episode we welcome Chris Gilbert back to the podcast to discuss his new book, .  Chris Gilbert is a professor of political studies at the Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela and creator and co-host of Escuela de Cuadros, a Marxist...



episode 256: "Showing Palestinians to Each Other Everywhere" with Haydar of The Resistance Report

For this episode I’m joined by Haydar of which is a podcast that was launched after October 7th by a Palestinian news organization known as the Media Network or AFMN. In this discussion we talk to Haydar about AFMN, their approach, their media...



episode 255: “Decolonization Is Not a Discourse, It Is a Material Process” - Leila Shomali and Lara Kilani on Anti-Zionism as Decolonization

For this week’s episode we interview Leila Shomali and Lara Kilani Leila Shomali is a Palestinian PhD candidate in International Law at Maynooth University Ireland and a member of the Good Shepherd Collective. Lara Kilani is a Palestinian-American...



episode 254: “A Guide to Action To Bring About Change in the World” - Lenin 100 Years Later With Paul Le Blanc

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Vladimir Lenin. A couple months ago we had the pleasure of speaking with Paul Le Blanc, the author of a new book entitled .  Paul Le Blanc is an activist dating all the way back to Students for a...


 January 21, 2024  1h30m

episode 253: Recognizing Liberation as the Goal and as a Possibility - On Michael Hardt’s The Subversive Seventies

This is the conclusion of our 2-part conversation with Michael Hardt on his recently published book . . In this conversation we talk about the turn among management and the ruling class in the 1970’s away from a politics of mediation and discuss the...


 January 20, 2024  1h15m

episode 252: “We Make Ourselves Different in the Struggle” - Michael Hardt’s The Subversive Seventies

This is part 1 of a 2-part conversation on Michael Hardt’s recent book .  Michael Hardt teaches political theory in the Literature Program at Duke University. He is co-author, with Antonio Negri, of the Empire trilogy and, most recently,...


 January 14, 2024  1h15m

episode 251: Keeping Alive Our Own Ideas of Freedom - Steven Salaita on Palestinian Resistance, Genocide and Electoralism

This is a lightly edited version of a we hosted back on December 13th with Steve Salaita. We’ll include a link to that livestream for folks who want to watch the conversation, which is one of my favorites we’ve hosted since we launched our as a...


 January 8, 2024  1h46m

episode 250: “Getting Them To See Themselves as an Agent of Change” - Boots Riley on Art, Labor Organizing, and Revolutionary Change

This is the slightly edited version of our with film director, producer, screenwriter, rapper, and communist Boots Riley. He is the lead vocalist of the musical groups The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club. He wrote and directed the film Sorry to...


 December 31, 2023  1h11m

episode 249: Mao's "On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People" with Steven Osuna

In this episode Steven Osuna returns to the podcast. Steven Osuna is an associate professor of Sociology at CSU Long Beach. He has written extensively on street organizations, policing, the so-called war on drugs, and the ravages of capitalism and...


 December 14, 2023  1h20m