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Maps Are Everywhere. These are conversations with those building them.


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episode 67: What does a Foundational Model of Earth look like? Clay Foundation: Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño - MBM#67

Bruno Sanchez is the Executive Director of the Clay Foundation, which just released their v1 of a “Foundational Model of Earth”. We talk about what that means, building open source & non profits and can’t help but draw parallels to the not-so-open anymore OpenAI. Previously Bruno was the Program Director of the Microsoft Planetary Computer



episode 66: How to Map Mars (to Land Rovers) - Fred Calef III - MBM#66

Dr Fred Calef III has the unofficial title of "Keeper of Maps" at NASA JPL, he's the Lead Mapping Specialist for most of JPL's Mars Rover missions, most recently that being Perseverance & Curiosity. But to land -and navigate- a rover, one needs maps, and Fred makes them.



episode 65: Creating the most used map animation tool: GEOLayers - Markus Bergelt - MBM#65

Markus Bergelt is a motion designer and the person behind GEOLayers, a video editing plug-in simplifying the creation of map animations in Adobe After Effects. Most map animations you’ve seen online are most likely made with this plug-in. We touch what makes map tricky to animate, how to simplify the process, the state of software development and of course, about Markus’s business model behind it all


 April 15, 2024  1h25m

episode 64: Volodymyr Agafonkin: The Story of Leaflet, Building the Simplest Mapping Library & Life in Ukraine

Volodymyr Agafonkin is the creator of Leaflet, an open-source JS mapping library started in 2008 that is used pretty much everywhere on the Internet today. We end up nerding out on what makes building simple open source software & rendering maps online tricky but also so endlessly interesting. Volodymyr lives in Ukraine, a country shaken by a war for the past few years, which we also talk about.


 April 1, 2024  1h11m

episode 63: Qiusheng Wu: Building & Sharing Open Source Software - MBM#63

Qiusheng Wu is an Associate Professor in Geography, an active open source contributor behind projects like geemap, leafmap or segment-geospatial also sharing tutorials on his popular Youtube channel. Qiusheng has a desire to teach, share and lower the barrier to entry to geospatial, all things I'm always curious to talk more about


 March 15, 2024  1h0m

episode 62: Ryan Abernathey: Taking Scientific Computing to the next level - MBM#62

Ryan Abernathey is a Climate Scientist, open-source software developer and the CEO & co-founder of Earthmover, a company trying to simplify how scientific computing is done. Ryan also co-founded the Pangeo project in 2016, one of the major efforts to build better tools for scientific computing today.


 March 1, 2024  1h7m

episode 61: Gilberto Camara - Brazil's Fight Against Deforestation; Politics & Open Data - MBM#61

Gilberto Camara was the director of INPE, Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research from 2005 to 2012, working there 35y in total and leading the use of satellite imagery to fight deforestation in Brazil, leading to what Nature declared “One of the biggest environmental wins of the 2000s”


 February 15, 2024  2h19m

episode 60: Thomas Ager: The Essentials of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) - MBM#60

Thomas Ager worked for 30y at the National Geospatial Agency on Radar satellite images and recently released ‘The Essentials of SAR’ a book breaking down Synthetic Aperture Radar for, as he puts it, “non electrical engineers”


 February 1, 2024  1h21m

episode 59: Brian McClendon: The Story of Google Maps, Pokemon Go & Keyhole - MBM#59

Brian McClendon was one of the earliest investors & later VP of Engineering at Keyhole, which got acquired by Google in 2004. Brian become VP of Engineering and led Google Geo, overlooking the development of Google Earth & Google Maps. He also worked at Uber & is now at Niantic, which you might know for thri most popular app: Pokemon Go


 January 15, 2024  1h40m

episode 58: Ariel Seidman - Taking on Google Maps, Crowdsourced mapping & Crypto - MBM#58

Ariel Seidman is one of the co-founders of Hivemapper, a company building a map through selling dashcams & paying contributing drivers with the aim of competing with Google Maps. Ariel has a long history of mapping, working on Map & Search at Yahoo in the mid 2000s.


 January 1, 2024  1h39m