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Label boss / A&R at Minds of Sin Records. To send your demos, please visit the label page! For bookings: Bookings@joemesmar.com ====== Joe Mesmar is a highly accomplished Canadian artist, renowned for his exceptional talent as a musician, producer, and entrepreneur. With a global presence and a diverse range of achievements, he has captivated audiences across continents and solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music industry. From an early age, Joe Mesmar's passion for music was evident, and he began his musical journey as a drummer. The rhythmic foundation he developed during his childhood laid the groundwork for his future success as a multifaceted artist. Inspired by a wide array of genres and musical influences, he embarked on a path of creativity and innovation that would shape his career. Joe Mesmar's talent transcended borders, leading him to perform at renowned venues around the world. From the Czech Republic to Germany, Bulgaria to France, Canada to the United States, Costa Rica, and beyond, his captivating performances have left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide...


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Minds of Sin Podcast 011 - Joe Mesmar

Track list 1. Kraken (Phunk Investigation Remix)…


 August 10, 2013  1h11m

Minds of Sin Podcast 010 - Joe Mesmar

Track list: 1. Touch After (Original Club Mix) -…


 August 4, 2013  1h2m

Minds of Sin Podcast 009 - Joe Mesmar

Track list: 1. It Is Simple But It Works Like Fc…


 July 26, 2013  59m

Minds of Sin Podcast 008 - Joe Mesmar

Track List 1. Last Train To Party (Original Mix)…


 July 21, 2013  1h1m

Minds of Sin Podcast 007 - Joe Mesmar

Tracklist 1. Who's Right? (Original Mix) - Uto K…


 July 13, 2013  1h1m

Minds of Sin Podcast 006 - Joe Mesmar

Track list: 1. Your Turn (Original Mix) - Hans B…


 July 6, 2013  50m

Minds of Sin Podcast 005 - Joe Mesmar

Track list 1. Alkalive (Original Mix) - Dennis B…


 July 2, 2013  57m

Minds of Sin Podcast 004 - Joe Mesmar

Track list 1. Ahora (Jonas Kopp Remix) - Pfirter…


 July 2, 2013  51m

Minds of Sin Podcast 003 - Joe Mesmar

Track list 1. Agmattore (Original Mix) - Unam Ze…


 July 2, 2013  49m

Minds of Sin Podcast 002 - Joe Mesmar

Track list 1. Appearance (A-Brothers Remix) - M…


 July 2, 2013  50m