Minority Korner

Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, queer, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Welcome to Minority Korner, where we take an introspective look at the world. through an intersectional lens. Join James: a queer, political, comedian, self proclaimed, sexy blerd (that’s Black Nerd) and each week he's joined in the Korner by another fabulous minority tackling pop culture, the news, media, and history all with a little self care, and self love sprinkled throughout! It’s time to Learn, Laugh, and Play, right here at Minority Korner- because together: we’re the majority! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)


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episode 18: MKS2EP3 Ring the Alarm, It's the Black Panthers! (Gayest Blackest Superbowl 50, Black Panther History, Meryl Streep vs Angela Basset, Planet Fitness, Nuns, Gay Bashing)

Today on Episode 3 of season 2... or episode 20 if your nasty... we talk about silly as Meryl Streep not understand the concept of race. The goddess Angela Bassett being the her amazing awesome self. Nnekay is just too damn tired for the club. James talks about the world thinks the Super Bowl was one big ole Black Gay Affair... which sounds familiar.... hmmmmmm Minority Korner much?!?!?!? Speaking of blackness, Nnekay actually explains what the black panthers stood for...


 2016-02-16  1h19m

episode 17: MK S2 EP2: Minority Korner Barely Legal (Beyonce & Coldplay, #TweetLikeAGayWhiteGuy, Invented by a Black Person, Tyra's Baby, Happy Black History Month!)

Happy Black History Month! But every month is Black History Month at Minority Korner, and some of you might be asking: why isn't there a Black History Month? Well, Nnekay has your answer… and it's short. Did you see the Beyonce & Coldplay music video? Is Coldplay at it again in their cultural "appreciation"/appropriation? #TweetLikeAWhiteGay has set the internet ablaze! Plus there are plenty of things you use that you probably had no idea that it was invented by a Black person...


 2016-02-09  1h13m

episode 16: MKS2EP1: The Minorities Strike Back! (#OscarsSoWhite, Sarah Palin, Stacey Dash, Europe, Blizzards, Florence Flo Kennedy, Little Marley Davis)

We're back, and this season we're coming at you from coast to coast. James is finally back from Europe now in New York, and Nnekay is still holding it down in the Bay Area. James survived his first Blizzard. And if you that the Blizzard was white- did you see the Oscar nominations. We're going over the timeline of all the craziness over #OscarsSoWhite, and everyone's got something to say from Jadah Pinket, to Sarah Palin, to self hating troll Stacy Dash. There's talks of a boycott brewing...


 2016-02-02  1h11m

episode 15: MK EP 17: The Perfect Lost Episode (The Perfect Guy Movie Review, Weddings, Viola Davis, #Itwasablackwoman, Corrupt Pharmaceutical Drug Companies, Azealia Banks)

We're going back in time to the lost episode. Remember two months ago? It was action packed! James was live in the east bay sort of. Well he was. James went to a wedding and won the shit out of it. Nnekay got a mysterious note.  Viola Davis at the Emmy's remember that? Let's go back and talk about it...


 2015-12-22  1h8m

episode 14: MK EP 15: To Be… Or Not to Be Offended (Shondaland, Bernie Sanders vs Privatized Prisons, Political Correctness, 10 Ways Liberals Perpetuate Racism, One Medical Group, Vanessa Williams & Miss America)

We are feeling easy, breezy, and beautiful this week. We further deconstruct Bitch Betta Have My Money. James went to a bourgeois club doctor. We take a trip to Shondaland! Nnekay wound up in the Bermuda triangle of San Francisco. Apparently political correctness is running rampant amongst our American Universities and reeking havoc on millennial ability to critically think.....


 2015-09-22  1h9m

episode 13: MK EP 14: Diary of A Minority Korner Teenage Dream w/Special Guest Anthony Williams (Diary of A Teenage Girl, Raven Simone, Chris Brown, Kim Davis, Rowan Blanchard, Marvel Comics & Diversity, Sexual Racism vs. Racism in the LGBT Community, Deconalize Your

The teenage dream episodes continue, with an episode full of teenage dreamyness! But first Nnekay's in need of a corn chip intervention, and gives hair tips that may lead to suffocation...


 2015-09-15  1h16m

episode 12: MK EP13: White Guys Explain Slavery… W/Special Guest Ryan Christo (Burning Man, Slave Tetris, Terrance Howard, DIY, Casting, SalesForce, Tech Industry, Teen Crushes, Teen Secrets, Fox News, Temple Of Poon, The Labyrinth)

It's the teenage dream episode, as Minority Korner is now a teen... in epsidoes and it's awkward! We share our teen secrets in a new segment for our teen episodes called "Teen Secret Corner". But first in adult land, James is a high profile choreographer for a local tech commerical, and even here (on the lower end of the) casting table there is some weird racial things happening. The reviews are in, Nnekay has seen 'Temple of Poon'. Adventrues with Nnekay at Michaels in the DIY section...


 2015-09-08  1h25m

episode 11: MK EP12: Coochie Coochie Coo (Empire, VMA's, SF Star sightings, Rentoby.com, Allys, Pickup Artists, Raising Dion, Judges Bribes & Juvenile Detention Centers, Kids for Cash, Jeard from Subway)

Empire! Did you watch that crazy show- we're both caught up, and it's time to talk about Cookie! James is writing a book on the art of getting that special someone to fall in love with you... or just sleep with you, and it all involves one single word. The VMA's happened, we don't want to talk about it, but how can we not, with the surprising presidential announcement. Taylor Swift has given Nnekay more reason to call her basic...


 2015-09-01  1h14m

episode 10: MK EP11: Just the 2 of Us at the Renaissance UNfair (Earthquakes, Renaissance Fairs, Alfrie Woodard & Marvel, Black Queens, Straight Outta Compton, The Prison Industrial Complex, Campaign Zero, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Backstreet

Fires, earthquakes, and droughts- California is out of control! Never forget the major earthquake of 2015, and we survived! Are Renaissance fairs for Black people? Alfre Woodard in all her amazingness is joining the Marvel Universe, but Nnekay is not happy with her characters name.  James is also making a list and checking it twice (a make out list).  Nnekay watched the Backstreet Boys documentary...


 2015-08-25  1h11m

episode 9: MKE10: STAY WOKE! w/Special Guest Saturn (Bug A Boos, Target, Grand Juries, Slavery Museums, More Donald Trump, Janelle Monae, Matilda, Good Trolls, Even More Donald Trump)

Just like Janet Jackson said when her new track hit #1: Bitches need to stay woke! We have pop artist Saturn in the studio, and things are gonna get shady. James has a bug a boo.  Did you hear about the one about the Catholic priest, a bagel, and an ear? Target is going gender neutral with it's toys and bedding, and it's a sign of the Apocolaypse because people are FREAKING OUT! Good trolls! How to fuck up your kid the least...


 2015-08-18  1h7m